Today’s digital organization relies on information gathered across the network and out to the individual – from customers to employees to citizens.  Whether your user is a commuter looking for a train schedule or a tourist using a retail app, Cisco’s Connected Experiences software lets you gather data on that interaction, analyze the findings, and respond in real time. With this ability to connect to each person, in any location, you provide a new level of intimacy with users while gathering data that will shape those relationships into the future.

Kansas City brings this vision to life through its new captive portal powered by Cisco Enterprise Mobility Services Platform (EMSP). Using EMSP, Kansas City will create urban social apps that allow citizens to report on issues in real time, making city problems more visible and leading to faster resolution.  Users can also access content and context-aware data and location-based services to help navigate their way through shopping and sightseeing.

This innovative Connected Experiences solution also opens the possibility for businesses to promote personalized offers to citizens or visitors in their vicinity.  They can additionally leverage analytics and heat maps based on app activity and social data to target individuals who have visited or shown interest in certain areas.

With EMSP, context-aware mobile and kiosk experiences can be built based on unified infrastructure, mobile apps, and cloud services. By introducing interactive digital kiosks throughout the city, along with a suite of mobile applications, Kansas City is ushering in a new golden age of information consumption. Services continue to evolve and new ideas and developers are needed to join Kansas City on this mission.  Discover the possibilities and see how Kansas City is driving digital transformation to quickly become one of the fastest-growing technological cities.

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Peter Mason

Senior Director, Automation and Experiences Platforms

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