The Internet of Everything (IoE) is connecting everything everywhere — on the land, in the air, and even on the sea. Cisco recently helped a competitive yacht crew win regattas using the IoE to provide the competitive edge. The vessel was outfitted with an IoE ruggedized platform combining boat sensor data; GPS, wind, and weather information; and a local Wi-Fi network to help the crew make critical decisions almost instantaneously.

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I’m particularly excited about this implementation of Cisco’s Mobile Asset Management. The program highlights our ability to connect data from billions of things so people can make smarter decisions about how to live, work, and play. This is a perfect example of the immense power of the IoE to solve real-world problems through connectivity, insightful data and analytics.

The most impressive attribute of the Mobile Asset Management Suite is that it applies to all industries. It helps customers identify, track, control, monitor, and secure IT and non-IT assets across buildings, remote sites, retail locations, manufacturing facilities, and more.

When Seconds Count, Connections Matter

Cisco has built a 30 year old global business based on connecting the unconnected. The company’s ongoing success remains rooted in that basic concept. As we evolve, we’ve added speed, simplicity, and user experience as guideposts toward continuing innovation. Mobile Asset Management is another step in this evolutionary journey. It offers valuable solutions for any organization with assets that are on the move, whether by sea, land, or air. Imagine not just one sailboat, but rather fleets of cargo ships, trucks, and trains

I encourage you to check out my video where I talk about how these solutions are benefiting first responders and transportation customers where every second counts. Mobile Asset Management provides an incredible advantage in managing mobile assets and distributed workforces. This is the power of the IoE: immediate access to an incredible amount of information that generates unique and real-time insight from analytics. This is a key component in building smarter, faster, and more productive businesses.

See the Sea Change website and explore our IoE solutions for Transportation, Utilities, and Public Safety. Be sure to give me your feedback in the comments section. What do you think of Cisco’s approach to mobile asset management?


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