Since our Digital Ceiling launch earlier this year, together with our ecosystem partners, we have been successfully implementing a good amount of customer implementations. This year’s RealComm/IBCon conference, right in the heart of Silicon Valley, seemed for us the right catalyst to announce our next set of partners with core areas of expertise in innovative Infrastructure Solutions, Building Automation, Sensing and world leading Smart Building Consultancy practices. We are announcing following new ecosystem partners today:

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Extending the Digital Ceiling ecosystem with new partners

Delta Controls
Delta Controls is a global leader in building automation technology. It believes in total building control, encompassing HVAC, lighting, and access. Delta Controls leverages intuitive BACnet technologies to deliver buildings that are Earthright™.

DGLogik’s open, distributed services architecture and intelligence platform facilitates device inter-communication, logic, and applications from the edge to the cloud and everything in between.

EllisDon is a Global Construction Services company embracing technology in everything they build. From billion-dollar hospitals to high-rise buildings, they are a leader in building Digital Ceilings as the lead Technology Integrator.

Emerson Network Power

Emerson Network Power provides critical infrastructure technologies for information systems. Emerson SmartSolutions facilitate the deployment and maintenance of customers’ Digital Ceiling infrastructure.

Save 80% of installation and energy costs with Igor’s plug-and-play PoE lighting, sensor, and data platform. It connects to any manufacturer’s LED fixtures. The platform offers operational savings, effortless configuration, reporting, and granular control.

Intelligent Buildings
Intelligent Buildings is an industry-leading, smart-building consultant company that guides operational, technical and financial decisions on over 1 billion square feet of existing portfolios and $2 billion in new construction.

Legrand is a complete, end-to-end solutions provider with connectivity, physical infrastructure, cable management, power and cooling solutions to support data center, building networks and AV applications.

PointGrab provides an innovative, edge-analytics sensing solution for tracking how and where occupants use a building. This actionable information enhances business operation performance, saves energy, and improves safety.

Now with over 20+ ecosystem partners we will continue to innovate the Smart Building space to make it into a truly open and interoperable technology enabled environment where new business outcomes will drive the further integration of IoT capabilities inside new and existing buildings. If you’d like to learn more about moving to a Digital Ceiling, check out http://www.cisco.com/go/digitalceiling or contact us at digitalceiling@cisco.com


John Baekelmans

Chief Technology Officer

Internet of Everything (IoE) Solutions group