As more and more of your employees need business mobile devices and services, the costs and complexities add up quickly. How can you simplify mobility management and dramatically lower your total cost of ownership (TCO)?

The key is Automated Mobility Management (AMM). Automation gives you the power to transform from cumbersome manual and reactive processes to accelerated efficiency and proactive control to avoid overages. It’s a whole new way of thinking about mobility management that can have a measurable impact on your bottom line.

Learn how automating deployment, tracking and management of your mobile devices and services puts you on the fast track to lower mobility management TCO – download our white paper “Automation: Moving Beyond Manual Mobility Management.”

Transforming your mobility management

Each stage – from buying devices to managing mobile services to integrating data across disparate systems – has its own challenges. Even if you have help for Telecom Expense Management (TEM) or other tools and services, it can be difficult to keep costs down with hundreds of manual service changes and unexpected charges every month.  The diagram below outlines the components of Automated Mobility Management.

Check out this white paper for a look at the typical challenges in the mobility management journey today, and how Automated Mobility Management can make a powerful difference at each stage. And learn how Cisco Jasper Control Center for Mobile Enterprise gives you the unprecedented controls you need to easily and cost-efficiently manage enterprise mobility.

Download the white paper: “Automation: Moving Beyond Manual Mobility Management.”


Pallavi Vanacharla

Global Head of Product Marketing

Enterprise Mobility, Cisco IoT