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Welcome to the Developer Blog at Cisco

June 21, 2017 - 21 Comments

A blog from Cisco, dedicated specifically to developers? Really? Yes really.

In fact, if you still think of Cisco as the routers and switches company… well, I’m not sure what rock you’ve been living under. Cisco is a software company, playing a major role in this era of digital transformation. Our people, our partners, and our customers are developers, and this blog space is for you. Welcome!

We look forward to building a forum for you to talk, learn, and solve those pesky development issues.  What topics will we cover in this blog space? Who will be blogging here? And most importantly, who should follow this blog space? Let me take that last question first…

Who should follow this blog space?

DevNet CiscoIf you are an application developer, a network engineer, or an IT professional, then this blog space is for you.

Application developers – Whether you’re developing cloud apps, IoT apps, or enterprise apps, your applications need to be network-powered; ready to access Wi-Fi networks and optimized to run over enterprise networks. Indeed, in many ways the Internet has become your most important development platform. Here, you’ll learn all about the Cisco APIs you need to make this happen!

Network engineers – You already know the future is here… the networks you design and operate are programmable, and you need developer skills and tools to keep your networks secure, reliable, and performing. This blog is for you.

IT professionals – The DevOps revolution is over and has gone mainstream. People working in IT must become the bridge between application developers and the networks on which their apps run.

What topics will we cover in this blog space?

Each of these topic areas have a dedicated “tech center” on the DevNet website, where you’ll find APIs and tools, sample code and learning labs, sandboxes and support. This blog space will discuss key challenges and trends in each of these areas, and point you to resources on DevNet that will help you discover solutions, expedite projects, and advance your career.

You’ll hear real world case studies about how Cisco partners, ISVs, and customers are using our APIs and platforms in their integrations, and get a technical look under the hood.

Ruba Borno Jose Bogarin Solano

Who will be blogging here?

Many of you are already familiar with DevNet, Cisco’s developer program and community. For the past three years, DevNet has been producing learning labs, sample code, and free testing lab “sandboxes.” Access to all these resources and tools is right there for you via the DevNet website –

Now, you can easily follow this blog to find out when new labs and tools become available, and new APIs are released. DevNet is a place where you can learn, code, get inspired, and connect with other members of our community. And this blog space will be the perfect place to keep your finger on the pulse of this vibrant community.

In this blog space you’ll hear from DevNet’s Developer Evangelists and members of the DevNet Innovation Team. Each will bring their unique perspective to their topic, as well as the hands-on, how-to-do-it approach that is the hallmark of DevNet.  We’ll also have guest bloggers from the ranks of the DevNet Community – industry and technical experts who can bring a valuable outside perspective to challenges, opportunities, and trends that developers confront. If you want to be a guest blogger, let us know when you add a comment below!

Today, the word “developers” refers to a broad and diverse community – from networkers to coders. Architects to administrators. Experts to newbies. Our goal is to make this blog space a rich vein for all to mine. Welcome… we look forward to hearing from you.


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  1. I know I need to learn more coding, just so hesitant to jump into it. Scary to a traditional network engineer. I think I need to go to my local netacad and see what this is all about. Python is a cold blooded animal to me, not a language. 😉

  2. Awesome blog Susie.
    As you know I’ve followed Cisco’s efforts in this area for a long time and while Cisco has talked the software talk, it really had not walked the walk.
    Nice to see Cisco directing some of its energy at developers.

    Well done and looking forward to following the posts here!

  3. Great blog Susie! Looking forward to learn, develop and create with all developers especially, if you are focused on security 🙂

  4. Congrats on the new blogs space – can’t wait to see whats coming! #devnet

  5. Wow, this is going to be a great community for Developers – we’re all going to learn a lot here! Thanks so much DEVNET! Looking forward to tons of great content!

  6. A warm official welcome to Cisco blogs Susie and DevNet team! This is an awesome, inspiring post. Looking forward to more exciting content from experts across the globe! #DevNet #CiscoSE

  7. Wow.. great opening blog Susie! Cisco has come a long way from just being a router company and it’s been great being a part of the evolution. Having a dedicated “Developer” blog here is just one more step and I can’t wait to add to the list of what I know will be amazing posts.

    • Thank you, Hank Preston! I’m counting on you and Captain Cloud making a showing or two in our new Developer Blog!

  8. As someone with a background in networking and collaboration, I’ve been embracing the change to “Developer/Architect” since my first real exposure to #DevNet at #CLUS San Francisco in 2014. I am very much looking forward to reading and contributing in this space. To my fellow network/collab engineers, if you haven’t started down the development path yet I encourage you to log in to DevNet and take advantage of the approachable learning content aimed specifically at you!

    • Paul Giblin : Congrats on your journey to “developer/architect”! Thank you for being with us from the very first DevNet Zone in San Francisco and for encouraging others on their journeys, too!

  9. Another amazing initiative from the DevNet team! Thanks for all you do to nurture and encourage the development of new skills.

  10. it would be fun for people to share thoughts here!

  11. Stepping back and changing your viewpoint on ‘the’ network is absolutely critical to the industry. Seeing this blog and the community surrounding it encourages me in a way that few tech innovations have. So excited to see how the developer community and mindset changes traditional IT and NetOps.


    • Jeff Bull : Great point. Changing your “view” of the network, in particular in understanding the benefits of network programmability, unlocks tremendous power and value for IT and network pros, infra developers, and app developers! The network does provide business value!

  12. Really looking forward to listening and learning in this blog space. Developers rule!

  13. Cisco has been a software company for quite a while now. From automation tools like EEM to integration with CUCM, however, in the past three years, the focus on developer experience has been tremendous. DevNet has put the developers front and center in the Cisco agenda, and that made it easier and more fun to work with Cisco technologies.

    I’m happy about this new developer-oriented blog. It is another milestone for the DevNet team.

    Count me in if you need a guest blogger.

    • Hi Jose Bogarin, You still hold the position of being my favorite DevNet Developer (out of our 452,000 DevNet developers), you will be a guest blogger! I hope you can share the software and business transformation of Altus with our other developers who want to do the same!

  14. It has been an exciting week. Once again Cisco is changing the way we “Work, Live, Play and Learn” and bringing people together!

  15. Looking forward to more content and more customer success stories/use cases!