Jump straight into latest perspectives about cloud application security and Cisco Full-Stack Observability with these developer sessions and interviews.

What is the best way to implement full stack observability seamlessly across diverse cloud native environments? Do cloud native environments require an updated approach to security? As a DevNet interviewer at Cisco Live 2023 in Las Vegas, I had the privilege of engaging with a wide array of technology experts working to answer these questions, and more.

From media interviews to sessions to community events, the event was full of guided learning and innovative perspectives, including foundational topic overviews and practical use cases and real-world examples of organizations that have successfully implemented innovative solutions. I’m excited to spotlight a curated selection of DevNet on-demand sessions and media interviews from Cisco Live, available for you to watch. Keep reading to explore two top-of-mind developer themes: cloud-native application security and full stack observability.

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Cloud Native Application Security

Enrich your application’s security to effectively tackle today’s challenges head on.

Cloud native architecture is the modern backbone of enterprise applications, and security is a critical aspect of its development. As a developer, staying ahead in this dynamic landscape means not only understanding how to build scalable and efficient applications, but also how to ensure their security. Watch these on-demand resources to learn the latest perspectives on how to protect your applications and data from potential threats and vulnerabilities throughout the entire cloud native development lifecycle.

Application security for Kubernetes and cloud native

Explore best practices for Kubernetes and cloud native application security

Dive into the foundations of modern cloud native architectures and development practices in Application Security for Kubernetes and Cloud Native Worlds with Girish Sivasubramanian, principal software engineer at Cisco. Find out key techniques that developers use to build and effectively secure robust enterprise applications. See examples of how to design and deploy solutions that provide visibility into application behavior, establish application segmentation, enforce workload policy, and proactively identify, respond, and remediate workload risks.




DevSecOps (Shift Left) to Secure Cloud Native Application

Accelerate your cloud native security efforts with DevSecOps

Cloud native development enables you to

achieve scale and deliver an exceptional end-user experience. However, traditional security measures don’t suffice to protect cloud native applications in today’s threat landscape, especially when dealing with multicloud environments and fast-paced DevSecOps processes. Watch DevSecOps (Shift Left) to Secure Cloud Native Application with Faisal Azizullah and Arvind Kumar, principal architects at Cisco, to explore how DevOps and security teams use Cisco Solutions to continuously safeguard their growing cloud native deployment. They cover how to defend against threats and vulnerabilities across images, containers, runtime deployments, and Kubernetes infrastructure.


Secure your server less cloud infrastructure

Master security best practices that work for serverless infrastructure

Serverless computing, a component of cloud native architecture, continues to gain popularity with development teams today. Understanding how to effectively secure serverless infrastructure is essential to protecting modern applications. Although traditional security practices designed for servers can’t often adapt to the distributed nature of microservices, there are evolved security strategies that align with the specific needs of serverless infrastructure. Watch Secure Your Serverless Cloud Infrastructure to review the foundations of serverless computing with Ryan Maclennan, technical marketing engineer at Cisco. He also covers which Cisco Security solutions DevOps and security teams use to protect a serverless infrastructure from threats and vulnerabilities.



Cloud native security and shift left

Uncover the latest trends and practices in cloud native security

Discover a holistic approach to cloud native security in my interview What Are We Shifting Left? Security?  with Kelsey Hightower, distinguished engineer at Google Cloud. He and I discussed the challenges of implementation, the need for prioritization, and the value of collaboration and API-driven approaches to enhance security measures effectively. Watch now to learn how Kelsey recommends developers gain visibility into application behavior, enforce workload policies and effectively identify and respond to potential threats and vulnerabilities in today’s technology landscape.





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Cisco Full-Stack Observability

Move closer to attaining a comprehensive end-to-end view of your application.

Full stack observability breaks down siloes and moves beyond domain-specific monitoring to correlate telemetry across multiple teams and domains and deliver always-on, secure, and exceptional digital experiences for customers and employees. We can use observability practices to harness the power of real-time data, analytics and visualization tools to paint a complete picture of their system’s health and performance. Watch these resources to learn how to understand your systems comprehensively, streamline debugging and troubleshooting, and proactively identifying potential issues before they affect end-users.

Full-stack observability

Define your observability vision

A well-defined observability vision empowers you to select the right tools, frameworks and techniques that best suit your application’s unique challenges, ultimately leading to more valuable and actionable insights from your efforts. These sessions are a great place to get started picking what to include in your own full-stack observability vision.

If you only have a quick break, watch the session Full Stack Observability in Action in 20 mins to see a streamlined overview demo with full stack observability components. You’ll experience the capabilities of Cisco Full Stack Observability firsthand, including application performance monitoring and end user monitoring with AppDynamics, end-to-end visibility across the internet with ThousandEyes, and more. When you’re ready for a more in-depth exploration of full stack observability, watch to navigate the process of defining your observability use case and developing your solution using the Cisco FSO platform. You’ll also explore a use case showing how an organization harnessed the power of Cisco’s FSO platform and AppDynamics Cloud to craft an innovative solution that delivers unparalleled visibility into microservices deployed on a hybrid platform.

optimize cost and resources with cisco full-stack observability

Optimize cost and resources with full stack observability

Find out how to use full stack observability to make a real impact where it matters most – your organization’s bottom line. Watch Optimize Cost and Resources with Cisco Full-Stack Observability to discover how advanced analytics and automation can drive cost optimization and resource efficiency for your cloud native applications. Learn about Cost Insights, our latest solution designed to help businesses understand usage patterns, save money, and maximize ROI in the cloud. Additionally, explore the power of the Application Resource Optimizer, which draws on the inherent context present in the FSO Platform to reduce costs while not sacrificing business objectives – balancing risk and efficiency in ways never before possible.



Building Grafana dashboards with cloud native application observability

Transform raw data into actionable insights with dashboards

Dashboards act as a centralized hub where you can access and view the visual representation of the relevant observability data collected from different sources. Grafana has emerged as the preferred dashboarding tool among industry experts, empowering teams with seamless visualization and monitoring capabilities. Watch the session Building Grafana dashboards with Cloud Native Application Observability to learn about Cisco AppDynamics’ expansion of Grafana support and use cases, with a focus on our open-source integrations for the AppDynamics Cloud. You’ll learn how the power of simple dashboards offers users the flexibility to create adaptive, predictive and scalable observability solutions with ease.




bringing machine learning into the FSO platform AI

Get inspiration from organizations already implementing Cisco’s Full Stack Observability solution

Explore how other teams are using the Cisco Full Stack Observability platform to solve business challenges and improve cross-functional visibility in these use case-focused media interviews. First, watch Bringing Machine Learning into the FSO platform to learn how Kanari built a solution on top of the Cisco FSO platform as part of the early access program. Next, dive into the realm of business observability solutions with in Building Business Observability on the FSO platform with Evolutio to uncover their secrets of achieving proactive and effective observability in real world scenarios. Finally, watch CloudFabrix Integration with Cisco’s FSO Platform to learn more about their journey through the Design Partner Programs.


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