SXSW 2019 PanelPicker

It’s time to VOTE for the sessions you want to see at SXSW 2019. Click on the session links below to cast your vote!

But before you do, know that there’s a new track being added to SXSW this year called, “Coding and Development.” Check out the 14 sessions (see list below) that Cisco DevNet is submitting, and let us know with your vote which ones are of interest to you.

The “Coding and Development” track is an important addition to SXSW. The digital world – the apps, the cloud, the network – are all around us. In virtually every aspect of our lives. Understanding it; learning how to work with it gives us an edge; an advantage. Whether you’re communicating with your communities, automating your life, programming a network, building a website, in a sense, today, everyone is a “developer.”

DevNet wants to empower your inner developer. DevNet is all about providing you with tools, learning opportunities, and community to thrive in the digital world. That’s why we’re so excited to offer the sessions we are proposing (below).

Schedules for the festival are created by popular demand, so please…VOTE!

Voting closes on August 30.  To vote, simply click on the session below to go to the SXSW Panel Picker. When you’re voting, be sure you’re signed in so you can simply click the “thumbs up” to cast your vote for the sessions that you want to see.

How the Intelligent Network Is Improving Lives
The programmable network is opening up limitless opportunities for developers. Learn how education and access to the right technology is helping those in developing countries solve real-world problems – from streamlining city transportation services to integrating edge devices into city and business operations.

The SOC Summit: Standards and Open Source Collaboration
Much of today’s work on networking demands working across multiple simultaneous projects and large organizations. This workshop-length session will help collaboration across the development ecosystem.

Secure APIs Development Workshop
In developing APIs for critical infrastructure products, overall service security must be maintained. This hands-on workshop teaches a security-first mindset as you develop and test new API’s.

Tutorial/Hands On – Build a Chat Bot with Chuck Norris, Python, and Docker
Can a Chuck Norris Bot deliver a roundhouse kick? Find out in this fun and hands-on session where we build a Chuck Norris joke-telling Chat Bot! Bring your laptop, sense of humor and great questions!

Make an Instant Web Site
Automation with GitHub integration is game-changing for web sites. You can get free hosting, ensure all your changes build correctly, and make gorgeous web sites, all with automated builds. Learn how!

Machine Learning to Collect/Analyze Location Data
Learn how to use containers and ML to gather/analyze indoor location data. An intro to tools and methods developers can use to solve scale issues they’ll likely encounter around Location Services.

On-Premise Cloud that *Feels* like Cloud. Real Hybrid Solutions with Google & Cisco Container Platform.
DevOps teams need simple API’s to automate their environments and to fully integrate with their CI/CD pipelines. Learn how to make this a reality for truly hybrid on-prem workloads.

How to Create Your Own Currency on Blockchain
We’ve all heard of bitcoin and the blockchain technology that underpins it. But how do you develop on blockchain to create smart contracts or your own tokens? In this session we’ll get you started!

Build a Bot in AWS Lambda and AWS API Gateway
Learn how to leverage cloud-based serverless technology to deploy a Webex Teams bot in AWS, without all the overhead of fully deploying a full-fledged webserver.

Learn About Diversity & Inclusion from Marie Curie
Learn how Marie Curie ‘open sourced’ the process for isolating radium using an approach similar to modern OS licensing, because women weren’t allowed to own intellectual property at the time.

How to Contribute to Ansible – Step by Step
Contributing to Open Source projects like Ansible can be daunting. Hear how I contributed and how you can too, including setting up your development environment and how to avoid common mistakes.

Revolutionize Your Workflow with… ChatOps!
ChatOps is revolutionizing the way you work! Learn how you can get started with ChatOps and how it will benefit the way you work as a developer.

The Power of #DadOps for Women In Tech
68% of girls interested in STEM were encouraged by a male champion. Learn how male developers can encourage more women and girls to become developers, increasing diversity and inclusion.

Coding with Python & Network Programmability 101
Before Python Fundamentals, beginners need a brief introduction to Git to download, edit and revise source code. The workshop provides an explanation of the technology along with steps to get started.

See you in Austin, Texas!
See you in Austin, Texas!


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