Be a Data Superhero

We all know the journey that Alice took down the rabbit hole. In her Wonderland, inanimate things came alive and spoke to Alice, guiding her journey.

It is real now, there are things that talk to us today, give us notifications, and guide our way to a safe exit during a fire emergency. Smart sensors embedded around us, including public spaces, roads, parking lots, buildings, etc. are enabling local governments to collect very valuable data.

As more and more cities are deploying smart infrastructure they are also exposing Open Data to developers to help address issues from traffic to civic engagement. This data is even more powerful when combined with location services and functional APIs to enable use cases to improve quality of life for citizens and digitize cities, communities and countries.

The Power of Open Data

At Cisco DevNet, we see this as a great way to engage our developer community to create solutions for socio-economic issues using open data and Cisco platforms. We have created a simple game to demonstrate the power of Open Data. The My City Data Learning App Game presents a fictional scenario in which there is an emergency and a mission to save lives.

There are relevant data sets from San Francisco’s Chinatown US Census Open Data for the player to find and learn including Cisco Meraki Location Services APIs that can help create solution for an emergency. You can also learn about Cisco’s Kinetic platform to help you easily connect distributed things to the network and securely collect and normalize data for creating applications for your business needs.

Explore how Open Data and Cisco APIs can start solving problems in your community, in your city and country! It’s fun and it can make an impact! Get started with your cool innovations now!


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Shubha Govil

Director, Product Management

Cisco DevNet