The learning journey never ends. Whether you are learning by doing, by studying for an exam, or learning by making mistakes (my favorite 😉 ) – learning is a life long journey. I was reminded of this as we went to look at a school for our son several weeks back. The school has a Latin motto: ‘Sapere Aude.’ It means “dare to know.” This phrase is commonly associated with the Age of Enlightenment. But it fits well for today as an encouragement to never stop learning, no matter your age.

Dare to know NSO

Everyone has a different journey when learning something new. This can be based on their current knowledge and skill, or even their role. When our DevNet team engaged with the NSO team to build the new content on the Cisco NSO Dev Center, we considered user requirements from various developer experiences. So, we envisioned an illustrated text adventure computer game that changes when you select a different persona. This allows users to define their needs as learners based on their requirements and field of learning. The information helps give the user a quick check to make sure they are in the right place to find solutions.

Interact with the NSO product

In the NSO Dev Center you’ll find three key new pieces for your developer learning experience:

  • Developer Persona based learning (3 personas)
  • Integrated Interactive API document
  • Integrated interactive learning labs

A new NSO interactive API document – using the NSO RESTCONF API and working with the DevNet always-on sandbox – gives developers the ability to interact directly with the NSO API within an easy to use sample environment. This provides developers with an easy way to verify that their API queries are formatted properly and successfully returning the requested data. A split-screen view allows the user to dig into the technical documentation and understand what information the API requires as input. For new users this interaction allows first time on DevNet Interactive Learning Labs, with two new NSO learning labs.

NSO_directoryThe new NSO DevCenter is where you’ll find lots of new and
updated learning materials and developer resources.


NSO docsThe new NSO interactive docs make it easier for you to try NSO yourself.


NSO learningGet hands on with the new interactive learning labs.

Learn more at NSO Developer Days

Join Jason Belk and a host of presenters (including me!) for NSO Developer Days, September 14-15. Jason will be showing the new DevNet NSO Dev Center content. Day two at NSO Developer Days is dedicated to “learn by doing.” Join speakers and other attendees to get started using NSO with more hands-on experience.

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