A common problem with too much choice is getting overwhelmed in finding the one item that is most relevant to you. Even though we can provide filters and full text search, sometimes following a serendipitous path toward some topics common to your last topic (or others like it) can yield the item you are looking for. With that goal in mind, we are happy to announce the live implementation of “recommendations” to our Code Exchange on Cisco DevNet. Here’s how it works…

When you visit Cisco Code Exchange you can see some highlighted repositories on the search page. A quick search using a product name or technology can lead you to some promising results. Once you select an item, instead of going back to search again, or try another one on the list, a new faster route is to try one of the “recommended next” repositories on the lower right hand of the page. These recommendations are based on the creation of embeddings representing a set of dimensions that indicate how close one catalog entry is to another.

For example, imagine you are responsible for implementing AppDynamics monitoring of Websphere MQ. You might start by searching for that and finding a Code Exchange entry that helps you to tie into it. In the ‘Related cloud repos’ card on the middle right, you’ll now see a list of relevant suggestions for monitoring other typical enterprise areas like MySQL, ActiveMQ, or others. Any of these may be areas that you are also responsible for integrating. Thus, providing a natural next step for you to explore.

Visit Cisco Code Exchange and give it a try!


Ray Stephenson

Sr Director

Developer Relations