I’ve been talking and writing about NetDevOps here on DevNet for quite a while now. There are blog posts, videos, webinars, learning labs, and so much more that all delve into the rich and exciting topics within NetDevOps.

NetDevOps is the combination of the culture, tools, ideas, and best practices of DevOps, with those of network engineering and operations.

A little while ago, I stepped back and realized something was missing.  We didn’t have a single place on DevNet that brought together all these excellent resources to make them easy to find and keep up with.  Furthermore, I’ve been loving all the great discussions taking place in the community on platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, etc.  I decided to see what could be done to fill the gap, and I reached out to the design, engineering, and marketing teams within DevNet to build a new kind of webpage on DevNet…

Introducing developer.cisco.com/netdevops


NetDevOps on DevNet
NetDevOps new home on DevNet provides a single location for tools, resources, and community discussion on this rapidly evolving concept.

NetDevOps is a continually changing, and fast evolving concept within network engineering, and we wanted to make sure the page was always fresh and relevant with the discussions happening all over the community, not just within Cisco.  The main element of the page is the social feed where we are combining the current discussions from platforms like Twitter and Instagram, with blogs posts from not only blogs.cisco.com, but also from other related blogs discussing NetDevOps topics that offer an RSS feed that we could consume.  This means every time you visit the page, you’ll have a chance to discover some new NetDevOps content, such as this gem from me 🙂

Example NetDevOps Post from Twitter
Example NetDevOps Post from Twitter

But my favorite part of the new feed is the opportunity to discover something from a blog or platform that I don’t regularly follow. For example, I never would have seen this excellent DevOps Radio episode discussing cybersecurity, a growing interest of mine.

DevOps Radio Episode
DevOps Radio Episode

We are working on bringing additional content feeds to developer.cisco.com/netdevops as well.  If you’ve a favorite blog or other content channel, drop a comment and let me know so we can add it.

What about Videos, Blogs, and Learning Labs?

Videos, Articles and More!
Quickly find the NetDevOps content available from DevNet.

In addition to the dynamic content feeds from the community, you’ll also find quick access to the great NetDevOps material we’ve been building at DevNet already.  Check out the side bar for quick links to material to get you started on the NetDevOps journey.

For example, one of the first videos opportunities I had to discuss NetDevOps with the community was on a TechWiseTV Episode.  I had a great time exploring the concepts of NetDevOps and even doing a live demonstration of how CI/CD will look as it comes to networking.  Definitely worth a look!

And if you haven’t read it yet, explore “Part 1” and “Part 2” of my blogs introducing NetDevOps and talking about the need to think beyond just “automation” when we are planning the future of our network engineering and operations efforts.

You’ll even find a link to the newly created NetDevOps Learning Track posted to Learning Labs.  In this track I’ve pulled together the modules that touch on topics like Ansible, Model Driven Programmability, and even building a NetDevOps CICD Pipeline into one place.

More to come

There is so much more planned around helping us all transition to NetDevOps that I have no doubt this page will continue to be a dynamic and active place on DevNet.  Be sure to bookmark it, and visit often to keep up with the discussions and resources available.  If there is something you’d like to see highlighted, or a question you have on NetDevOps, let me know in the comments.

We’d love to hear what you think. Ask a question or leave a comment below.
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