To get back to what was considered “normal” in the “before times,” we are once more heading for an in-person Cisco Live US event! This after a hiatus of two years of virtual events. This year the in-person event takes place in Las Vegas between June 12th and 16th and is closely followed by the online version of the event. You can find more details at https://www.ciscolive.com/global.html. 

Sure, I’m a bit nervous. But the excitement of going back to an in-person Cisco Live overrides all other emotions. I’m excited to meet old friends and make new ones. As usual, it will be a packed five days with thousands of trainings and learning sessions to choose from. This year the number of attendees is limited. And there have been exceptional efforts put in place to make sure we all have a safe, comfortable, and productive event. 

Get ready to learn at Cisco Live

Several of my talks have been accepted this year. I hope you’ll be able to join me for one or more of the following: 

  • On Tuesday, June 14th from 12:00 PM to 12:45 PM PDT, I will be presenting the DEVNET-2653 – Cisco ACI management with Smartsheet. Taking place in the DevNet Zone, this session covers the SaaS solution https://smartsheet.com APIs and SDKs as well as Cisco ACI APIC REST API and how to integrate them in an innovative way in order to simplify and scale data center fabric management. 
  • On Wednesday, June 15th, from 10:00 AM to 10:45 AM PDT, I will be presenting the DevNet workshop session, DEVWKS-2367 – Custom OpenAPI implementation for Cisco SD-WAN. In this workshop of intermediary technical difficulty, we will build together an OpenAPI application on top of the Cisco vManage REST API interface. The main purpose of the application is to extend the functionality of the Cisco SD-WAN platform by offering a consolidated operational view of several vManage instances into a single web application. 
  • On Wednesday from 12:00 PM to 12:45 PM PDT, grab your lunch and join me in the DevNet Zone for DEVNET-2806 – Build custom security advisory notification systems using Cisco PSIRT APIs. In this session I will discuss the Cisco PSIRT API and Cisco DNA Center REST API and how to use both APIs to build a custom security advisory notification system.
  • On Wednesday we will wrap up with BRKDEV-2883 – Prism of Possibilities with Cisco DevNet’s Network Programmability & Automation. In this breakout session I will go over software solutions and projects I have worked on to demonstrate the power of Cisco APIs and unlimited options that come with them. 

If you haven’t done so yet, click through on any of the above sessions and reserve your spot. 

Not going to Cisco Live this year? 

There are plenty of resources available on the DevNet Networking DevCenter to get you started, and/or dive deeper, into using tools and APIs for network programmability and automation. 

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Adrian Iliesiu

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