NetDevOps Live! Season 2 Starts April 2019

Oh yeah, we’re back and better than ever.  After a relaxing off season made up of multiple Cisco Live events and other conferences, we are back with NetDevOps Live! Season 2.  And in Season 2 we are taking a look at network automation from start to finish.

NetDevOps Live! Season 2
Season 2 starts April 2 with a spotlight on network automation

Starting with the Crawl

Episodes in April are all about the “crawl” phase of automation.  Join me on April 2nd to kick off the season with “Important Python Skills and Techniques for Network Engineers“.  This session builds on the wildly popular “Useful Python Libraries for Network Engineers” that started Season 1.

From there we’ll journey through “Picking your First Network Automation Project“, “Solving Operational Challenges with Network Automation“, “Embracing the DRY Principal with Network Configuration Templates“, and ending the month with “Laptop Tips and Tricks for the NetDevOps Engineer“.

Up on two feet? Time to Walk

In May, we’ll be getting up the floor and embracing our new found skills by doing the network automation walk.

It should come as no surprise to anyone who’s been following me that I’m a HUGE fan of Network Service Orchestrator (NSO) for network configuration and service management, and I could think of no better way to start the month of May off by asking Kevin Corbin to join me again and talk about “Designing and Developing Network Services with NSO“.  Sounds complicated, but it’s really much easier than I thought.

But there’s more to walking than NSO and we’ll be looking at “Better Ansible Network Automation with Roles and Custom Modules” on May 14th.  And rounding out the month of May are episodes to help you know “Is Your Network Working? Guess No More with Python Testing Powered by pyATS” and “Building Apps with Cisco DNA Center Platform“.

Off to the Races, let’s RUNNNNN

With June comes summer (in the northern hemisphere) and network automation RUNNNNING.  Let’s talk about how to “Automate Safely, NetDevOps Security Strategies“, something I’ve been wanting to dig into for awhile now.

Also in June is Cisco Live US in San Diego and I’m taking advantage of the opportunity to do NetDevOps Live! live from Cisco Live! (can I get any more LIVEs in there?).  On June 11th I’ll be hosting a panel “Becoming a NetDevOps Engineer – A Discussion with the Community” from somewhere at Cisco Live.  To be honest, I’m still working out the full logistics of this one, but it’s going to be great.  If you’ll be in sunny Southern California, keep an ear open for details on this, maybe you can join us LIVE!.

And our final episodes in Season 2 give some good advice about “Stop Waiting for that Network Feature, Build it Yourself” and look under the hood at containers with “Linux Bridges, IP Tables, and CNI Plug-Ins – A Container Networking Deep Dive“.

Are you excited?  I am!

Man, what an exciting line up we’ve assembled here.  As with Season 1, I’ve been able to cajole, bribe, and guilt a few of my fellow Cisco NetDevOps rockstars in to joining me to talk about topics where they are the experts.  Several of these episodes just MIGHT have been picked partially because they are topics I am curious about.  Big shoutout to Eric Thiel, Stuart Clark, Bryan Byrne, Kevin Corbin, John McDonough, Simon Hart, Adam Radford, Adrian Iliesiu, and Matt Johnson for their hard work this season.

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