Do you find yourself thinking “Gee… I wish there was a weekly webinar and video series dedicated to NetDevOps and network programmability topics.”?

Or maybe “I could really use some dedicated expert lead lab time about every other week.”?

I knew it wasn’t just me, and now we are all going to have something to help meet those needs – NetDevOps Live!

NetDevOps Live!
NetDevOps Live! is a weekly live webinar series covering topics across NetDevOps, automation, programmability, and more!

NetDevOps Live! is a new “show” DevNet is bringing to the community with a goal of making it easy for everyone to keep up and participate in sessions and content that traditionally have been the domain of in-person events like Cisco Live.  NetDevOps Live! includes two types of sessions.

NetDevOps Live! Technical Talks

Technical Talks are 60 minute sessions that dive deep into topics like:

Technical talks are open to anyone and everyone and are delivered through Webex events allowing participants around the world to listen and see the presenters, while viewing their content and demos from any device.  And speaking of around the world, each Technical Talk runs twice providing timezone friendly options for our global audience.  But if you can’t catch a Live! run of a session, don’t despair as every talk will be available in video on demand shortly after the scheduled recordings.

NetDevOps Live! Technical Workshops

Technical Workshops are 120 minute guided lab sessions providing engineers hands-on experiences with the NetDevOps tech or topic being explored.  Some of the topics being covered are:

Like talks, each workshop runs twice, but registration for each workshop is limited to 12 people to ensure every attendee has a successful session.  We will maintain a waitlist and fill in slots as cancellations occur so be sure to get registered!  All the backend infrastructure and development tooling needed for the workshops will be provided. Attendees simply need to have a workstation that can join the Webex Training Session and connect to lab pods with VPN and SSH/RDP.

Sign up now to secure your spot

Season 1 of NetDevOps Live! runs for 12 weeks starting September 11th and ending November 29th.  All 12 talks and 6 workshops are scheduled and registration is OPEN NOW so head on over to the NetDevOps Live! page on DevNet to check out the schedule and get registered for your favorite episodes.  We’ve also setup a Webex Teams room to continue the discussion.  If you have ideas for episodes for Season 2, or just questions on some NetDevOps topic please join us there.

And visit the DevNet Networking Dev Center at any time to explore resources, info, and learning opportunities.

That’s about it for now… Looking forward to seeing everyone at the show 🙂


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