Instead of calling the Meraki API to look for critical network changes, why not have Meraki send alerts using webhooks? Send events, as they happen, to your network monitoring and operations services by having Meraki call them instead.

If you are using an existing application, you might struggle sending a webhook directly to it. You will often need to adjust the message format and authentication to match.

This is where webhook payload templates come in. This new capability enables you to define the shape of the webhook request, giving you total flexibility in matching the destination service without additional middleware.

Taking this idea a step further, we often need a template for these common services so why not build and share these for everybody to use?


What are Webhook integrations?

Webhook integrations are solutions leveraging payload templates with third party services. Beginning with the most popular messaging services, Meraki has included Webex, Slack, and Microsoft Teams templates by default.

In addition, a Meraki GitHub repository has been created to host community supported templates, such as PagerDuty, DataDog, Jira, Line and more, enabling a new ecosystem of solutions.

Bottom line: Webhook integrations help your business and team be successful – and meet your SLAs without increasing cost.

  • Enhance network visibility using familiar tools
    ○ Reach a wider audience by easily integrating with services like Webex, Slack, MS Teams and many others
  • Reduce complexity
    ○ No extra equipment or services required
  • IoT & Network Automation solutions
    ○ Send a camera snapshot when motion is detected to the Security Team’s Webex space
    ○ Send a PagerDuty message when moisture is detected in the server room
    ○ Log door entry metrics to Splunk
    ○ Create a Jira ticket when a device has become unreachable
    ○ Trigger an action with the push of an Meraki MT button
    ○ There are so many possibilities! What solutions can you imagine?

How to get started

Get started now by logging into the Meraki Dashboard and setting up an alert webhook to your favorite chat space.

Meraki Webhooks

Browse these examples with Webex Adaptive Cards using Custom Payload Templates

Meraki Webhook

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Cory Guynn

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