Liliana for CL CancunThe author of this blog is Liliana Pérez Verti,
Vertical LATAM Marketing Manager for Cisco

A question that many of us ask ourselves repeatedly is, “what to do to identify the trends we should know and how to take advantage of them to be more competitive in our work and in the market?”

If we reflect a little, the common denominator that is transforming the world is technology. It has led us progressively to relate, work, and conduct ourselves in a totally different way, so that is where we should focus.

Various publications of IDC and Gartner talk about the technological changes that in a short term (2 or 3 years) will be the day-to-day of the big companies., Changes to which medium and small companies must adapt to gain competitiveness.

  • Network Automation
  • Edge Computing
  • Cloud first
  • AI / ML
  • Wi-Fi6 & 5G
  • Virtual concierges
  • …just to name a few.

Cisco continues to lead the way in the Latin American market in these technologies and more, with the business trends and disruptive technologies that are already being applied in different industries to make them more competitive.

But how far are we aware of them?
How and where are these technologies being applied?
And above all, how do I capitalize on the experience of other companies to create my business strategy and reduce risks?

Well… this is where you should be

Cisco Live Cancun 2019 will take place from October 28 to 31. It will bring together great technology experts, visionaries and industry leaders to show entrepreneurs, executives, engineers, students and the general public the new tools to stay and/or boost your company in the digital age.

Cisco Live Cancun, is a strategically armed knowledge space for you to create your own agenda. If you are looking for sessions by industry to learn more about what is happening in your business ecosystem, you will have them; if you need technical sessions to know more about the solutions, you will have them; if you want to see the technologies in action, you will see them in our showroom.

We have everything for you to become the expert and strategist that your company needs. Know the agenda and organize it in the most suitable way for your interests.

We hope to see you at Cisco Live Cancun 2019! Register now.

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