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Get Ready to Enter the DevNet Zone at Cisco Live

June 23, 2017 - 48 Comments

If you already have a visit to the DevNet Zone on your Cisco Live agenda, you can stop reading now.  If not…you need to put it on your calendar now.

CLUS DevNet Zone banner

The range of learning, coding, connecting, and inspiring activities and sessions at this year’s Cisco Live is greater than ever! More learning labs, more hands-on workshops, more solution demos, more mini-hacks, more 4:30 beer parties!  Heck, there’s even an Escape Room challenge to put your API skills to the test!  If you’re into network programming, Cloud collaboration, IoT application development, or DevOps … it’s simply the place you need to be.

Dev working session

The full DevNet Zone schedule gives you everything you need to know about what’s happening in the DevNet Zone and when. It gives you a glossary of the APIs and tools you’ll be able to learn about and get hands-on with. And you’ll find a listing of all the self-paced, no-reservation-required Learning Labs you can complete on-site – with experts there to help if you need it. We’ll have learning labs there for you across all of DevNet’s technology areas including:

  • Network programming
  • Software coding
  • Security
  • Cloud
  • Collaboration
  • Data center
  • Mobility
  • Analytics & Automation
  • Virtual development & testing

Here’s a quick skip across the surface of some of the DevNet Zone sessions and activities. Follow the links to learn more, and then get it on your calendar to come to the DevNet Zone for a deeper dive.

Innovation Showcase Keynote – “Innovation: The Rise of the Network-Powered Developer”

Monday at 6:00pm, join me to hear about some exciting innovations with Cisco APIs, and introduce you to the art of what’s possible where infrastructure meets apps.  I’ll be joined on stage by a special guest from Apple.

Inspirational Panels – More than inspiration, these expert panels give you a window into where technology and industry leaders see us heading. Come meet them in person, and ask your questions.

  • Monday at 1:00pm – Strategies for Delivering Efficient & Data-Aware IoT Applications Panel Discussion
  • Monday at 4:00pm – The Opportunity Project: Expanding Economic Opportunity Through Open Data
  • Tuesday at 1:00pm – Applying Design Thinking to Building Products in Cisco
  • Tuesday at 5:00pm – Cisco CTOs Discuss APIs and the future of IoT, Networking, Security, Cloud, and Collaboration
  • Wednesday at 1:00pm – Cisco Partners & DevOps – Hear our partner expert panel discuss how DevOps methodologies work in the world of networking, and how and why you may consider building a DevOps practice.

Mini-Hacks: Try one of our mini-hacks where we give you a problem to solve and you code away! Create an iOS app with QoS tags (Fast lane Validation), hack with Meraki APIs and Spark Bots.

Enter the Meraki Challenge to win a Meraki Developer Kit!  Complete all 3 Meraki Mini-Hacks or all 4 Meraki Learning Labs and you’ll be entered to win, full details onsite!

DevNet Escape Room:  Grab a few friends and use your API skills to code your way out! Complete 3 challenges in 15 minutes and the fastest time of the day wins big!

Women in Tech event:  Sunday, from 8:00 – 11:00am, The Cisco DevNet Women in Tech community is bringing a hands-on coding workshop using Cisco DevIoT and DIY electronics Arduino kit. Bring your own laptop. Arduino Kits and other supplies will be provided.

DevNet Express Cisco Chat

The two DevNet Express Events being held at Cisco Live are SOLD OUT.  However, we will be hosting a #CiscoChat on  Live video from Las Vegas! After the live video ends, the recordings will be available on Facebook. You’ll find details are in Hank Preston’s blog.

The two DevNet Express events are:
DevNet Express: Data Center Infrastructure is for Data Center Infrastructure Engineers working with compute, network and storage, Architects and Software Systems Integrators plus Operations and Networking teams with an interest in infrastructure programmability, configuration, automation and provisioning.

DevNet Express: Cloud Collaboration is for IT professionals who want to learn about developing with Cisco Spark collaboration API. You’ll listen and learn from trainers, get hands-on with the technology, to complete some interactive Missions (with proctors to help you) and get rewarded for your hard work.

These events have taken off in popularity, so please visit our DevNet Express events page to find a future event, perhaps coming to a city near you!

I’m out of breath just thinking about all that DevNet is serving up for you in the DevNet Zone.  But now Cisco Live is here!  Yeah!  Do come by and “develop” with us.  I can’t wait to see you there and do take a #SelfieWithSusie.

CLUS banner 2


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  1. See you at CLUS!

  2. That’s super exciting Susie!

    It’s my first Cisco Live and I’ll be at the Innovation Centers at the DevNet Zone. Everyone is welcome to stop by and see how Cisco is using IoT with partners to help saving the bee population worldwide. Plus, win a chance to win an iPad!

    Looking forward to see everything coming to life this week!


  3. See you at DevNet!

  4. See you at DevNet!

  5. To everyone who says “see you at Cisco Live!” I always respond: “Only if you come to the DevNet zone, ’cause that’s where I’ll be”

  6. Looking forward to seeing you guys today!

  7. Fantastic lineup Susie!! Looking forward to trying my hands on some of these Data Center and Cloud labs.

  8. Fantastic events! I’ll share the news.

  9. I’ll be in DevNet Zone most of the week– at the SE solutions demo booth.

  10. Looking forward to trying my hand at the Meraki challenge!
    See you tomorrow.

  11. Looking forward to the discussions the privacy scoping workshop CLUS-DEVNET-2016-DevNet Workshop- Privacy Scoping will bring. With more and more of our personal data being captured through our work, community, and home, it is important that our use of personally identifiable data is authorized and protected in a way that we can trust and enjoy the value of the digital environments in which we live!

  12. So exciting! Heading there tomorrow. I’ll be presenting on how Digital Transformation is so important and how DevNet can help you do it on Tuesday at 12:30!!


    Sign up here:

    You will see several great examples of others that have had success with DevNet and there might even be a celebrity appearance!

  13. Can’t wait for #CLUS. Will be bringing some partners by DevNet Zone to check it out! Susie Wee excited a lot of partner execs at PTAB around DevNet and DevNet express, now it is time to get the techies bought in!

  14. I’m very excited to be showing some capabilities of running Python on IOS-XE. We’ll be having fun talking about API’s into IOS as well as NetConf and YANG. Let’s start talking about a different way to program the Intuitive Network. Stop by on Monday @ 5:00, Tuesday @ 3:00, or Wednesday @ 11:00.

  15. Amazing blog!! 🙂 Can’t wait to present my DevNet workshops at CLUS!

  16. Really looking forward to Cisco Live, but First, the First ever DevNet Express Data Center Infrastructure Programmability track debuts this weekend.

    If you couldn’t get a seat at the DNE DCI event don’t despair I will be covering UCS PowerTool and UCS Python SDK in DevNet Zone workshops. As well I will also be doing UCS Director REST API and UCS Director Custom Task Workshops.

    Be sure to come check out these workshops and more!!!

  17. Super excited to be part of another great DevNet Zone at CiscoLive with lots of great open source content, including classrooms and hands-on workshops to help you get started with OpenStack, OpenDaylight, and more …

  18. I would say that I can’t wait for the DevNet Zone to open… …but we are going to have a lot of fun at the #DEVNETexpress events here in Las Vegas today and tomorrow! So… These will surely take care of my DevNet fix for a couple of days while I wait. Then, can you all set me up a cot in the Zone so I don’t have to leave at night?

  19. Looking forward to the DevNet sessions! Many thanks to the DevNet team for all their hard work.

  20. Thanks for thoughtful information. I am happy to read & getting nice info. I have read full article after that I searched and read another blog.


  21. I will be doing APIC-EM API DeepDive + Workshops. Come and say hello. Looking forward to an awesome week.

    Looking forward to joining the long queue to get #SelfieWithSusie!

    • Adam Radford: A DevNet Zone would not be a DevNet Zone without the Adam Radford’s APIC-EM session! Can’t wait for our selfie! 😉

  22. I’ll be in the DevNet zone giving workshops on Finesse as well as handing out swag at the DevNet info desk for those who register to become a DevNet member!

  23. If you are into OpenStack and/or OpenDaylight, be sure to check out the following:
    DEVNET-1101 Getting Started with OpenStack
    DEVNET-1119 Using OpenDaylight
    DEVNET-1211 Workshop – Getting Started with OpenStack
    DEVNET-2041Workshop – OpenStack with OpenDaylight
    Looking forward to a great week of learning and sharing.

  24. Look forward to seeing you at DEVNET…

  25. See ya at DevNet

  26. I’m really looking forward to #DevNet Express in the morning and primarily DevNet sessions all week long. If I’m lucky, by the end of the week I’ll be able to write some nice chat bots and network time-savers for my company and my customers. If you’re not sure where the world is headed, this is it! Drop by and start learning!

    • Paul Giblin: Have fun at the sold out DevNet Express! Let me know your feedback after.

  27. I’ll be sneaking around. Ping me @Warcop

  28. I’ll be at #DevNetExpress (Collaboration) session on Saturday and Sunday before #CL2017 and I’ll be trying to get to as many DevNet sessions as I can. Great stuff happening this year, but the team #DevNet team will have their work cut out for them after the great content that we got at DevNet Create.

    I’ll also be recording an episode of in the Podcast Domain…be sure to subscribe! Big thanks to #CiscoChampions for hooking that up!

    • Michael Aossey : Cool podcast! Look forward to your next episode in the DevNet Zone!

  29. Cant wait to see the DevNet team at Live

  30. Live from Cisco Live Las Vegas, with two days left until the kick-off of the event, we are making great progress in setting up and preparing all the activities mentioned in this blog. I would encourage everybody that will be in Las Vegas for Cisco Live this year to drop by the DevNet Zone and see everything we have prepared for you. There will be something for everybody!

    • Thank you to you, Adrian Iliesiu, and the awesome DevNet events team! Can’t wait to see the new DevNet Zone design and buildout!

  31. Hello #DevNet community! As part of these events, some of us will be talking about different #DevNet topics. I want to take the opportunity to invite you attending my session on “Designing Cloud Native Applications with Microservices and Containers” where I will take you to the basics of Cloud Native Apps, how they can be implemented and which tools can be used to develop them. If you have been a networking engineer for ages and you have heard about all of these “fancy terms” of cloud native but you are afraid to ask what “that means”, this is the right session for you!! Looking forward to see you all in Cisco Live next week!! Safe travels!!

    • Hector Morales: Cloud native with containers and microservices- Bring it on! Our attendees having the most modern topics in the DevNet Zone- Thank you for providing it!

  32. I’ll be at the DevNet Zone from 1-3 M-W filming Spark Board Engineering Deathmatch!

    • John Welsh: Thanks for hosting another Engineering Deathmatch! How cool to do it on the Spark Board!

  33. Can’t wait for all the Spark and Collaboration info and new announcements!! And Cisco Spark After Dark!

  34. To get on any social media platforms, all you have to do is tweet using the hashtag CLUS. Enjoy Cisco Live everyone!

  35. I’ll be at #DevNetExpress on Saturday afternoon, #IoT session on Sunday morning, and of course doing all the social things throughout the week. The best place to find me will most likely be right outside the Escape Room!

  36. Exciting line up Susie! Don’t forget to come check out Local Measure in the Collaboration Village. We’ll have live demos at our booth (C9) and will be speaking on the stage at 4:30pm Wednesday. We also have some Spark bots pushing Cisco Conversations to a Spark board at the Social Media Hub if you want a live demo just hit up the @localmeasure team.

    • Thanks, Jonathan Barouch! I love that Local Measure used DevNet and Cisco APIs to build a great social solution! See you soon