I haven’t been to a DeveloperWeek event yet even though one of them is in my home town of Austin Texas. I’m pretty excited to get to go to the Palmer Events Center next week and talk about continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) for developer documentation.

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I’m giving the 25-minute workshop at 4:00 on Wednesday, November 6th titled, “Docs Like Code: Strategies and Stories.” With the workshop, I can point people in the direction of a number of resources for this fairly new idea in automation best practices – why not treat documentation as code?

I’ve been working with these systems for several years now, and have written about how we use Git and GitHub to work on sides, docs, and tutorials here at DevNet.

I also gave a talk and demo at DevNet Create last year, and wow, the response has been encouraging! Some of the DevNet community members and Cisco partners tell me their success stories in using these techniques as well. People are embracing “docops” – treating docs as code, practicing their GitHub skills with their documentation files and their code files. We should probably look into naming it “Dockermentation” for all those CI/CD pipelines with Docker in the mix.

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Learning resources on DevNet

Whether you like “docs as code,” “docs like code,” “docops,” or “Dockermentation,” if you’re interested in learning more about these techniques, we have learning resources and examples here on Cisco DevNet and beyond.

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