The Cisco DNA Center sandboxes have always been in high demand. For a while now we have had two always-on and two reservable sandboxes for Cisco DNA Center. With each of these sandboxes requiring at least one Cisco DNA Center appliance and several Catalyst 9000 switches, it’s easy to see why they were some of the most expensive sandboxes we have. (Hence, the limited number.) Expensive not only because of the hardware appliance and physical Catalyst 9000 switches, but also from a rack footprint, power, and cooling perspective.

Fully test all the features of the Cisco DNA Center platform including building SDA fabrics

Taking advantage of some virtualization secret sauce and holiday magic, the sandbox team has done a tremendous job and they have launched 4 Cisco DNA Center reservable sandboxes. Yes, you’ve read that right! We have doubled the number of Cisco DNA Center reservable sandboxes! And all 4 of them are running the latest version of code as of the writing of this blog and have a Cisco ISE server so you can fully test all the features of the Cisco DNA Center platform including building SDA fabrics. There are two CoreOS virtual machines attached to the access switches for traffic generation and client troubleshooting. We’ve also included a CentOS DevBox that provides a developer environment with Python, virtual environment, Ansible and other tools already preinstalled.

Topology of the new reservable sandboxes

Test and develop your applications and integrations

The two always on sandboxes are still there, available at all times. They will also be upgraded to in January, 2023. So, you now have 6 Cisco DNA Center sandboxes available for you to test and develop your own applications and integrations!

Next year will be an even bigger year for Cisco DNA Center sandboxes with the team looking at migrating our current environments to a fully virtual setup taking advantage of the recently announced Cisco DNA Center virtual appliance. This should allow us to better scale our Cisco DNA Center environments and provide even more sandboxes to you, our community.

No cost to you

If you want to discover Cisco DNA Center, explore the REST API interface it provides, or develop your first application or integration using Cisco DNA Center, these sandboxes provided at no cost to you are an invaluable resource! To add even more value, we have a series of learning labs and learning modules to guide you step by step from making your first API call and authenticating to Cisco DNA Center, to using Path Trace. You can find this learning content at the following link:

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