Luzma Cisco Live CancunThe author of this blog is Luz Maria Murguia, Cisco Latin America Marketing Director

Technology is at the heart of modern times and it has been fascinating to see how multiple teams of different nationalities make the impossible possible in Latin America due to technology.

In the last decade, Latin America has witnessed an impressive digital evolution in all sectors — government, education, health, financial services, manufacturing, among others — led by the impulse of leaders and IT professionals throughout the region. We are seeing a change of the role of the CIO as the axis of digitalization and innovation, as companies look to give the best experience to their customers.

If you are in the technology industry – like most of us who are reading this publication – then you know that Latin America is becoming one of the most important centers of technological innovation in the world, and that you need to train yourself to stay competitive. The world is changing at an ever accelerated pace, and the challenges are increasing.


Cisco Live Cancun is a space where more than 6,000 technology professionals meet to:

  • get technical training with more than 130 education sessions
  • establish new contacts and exchange ideas with colleagues from around the world
  • understand the vision behind current trends and futures that are essential to make the right decisions that will boost your business.

In this context, the slogan of the event “You Make Possible” makes sense.  We want to inspire and let IT professionals know that their jobs are more relevant today than ever due to the infinite possibilities of technology.

Cisco Live LatAm Cancun 2018
Cisco Live Cancun 2018 attendees during the opening keynote


The 2019 edition of Cisco Live Cancun

This year Cisco Live Cancun will focus on the role that technology is playing in our lives, both personal and professional. Today we are facing a dynamic environment, where new digital disruptions, such as the Internet of Things and intention-based networks, need to align with business objectives to increase operational efficiency, improve collaboration, and deliver greater results to any type of organization – from the small business that begins its digital transformation, to the large corporate that is redefining the value that its sector can bring to the world.

In addition, today users have multiple devices in a variety of networks, so security and connectivity of multiple clouds will be some of the most important topics, opening the opportunity for technology to create the unimaginable.

Your challenge… involve, educate, and encourage your organization to achieve success in digital transformation!

At Cisco Live Cancun you’ll gain a better understanding of Cisco’s strategy of linking users, data, applications, and security through its infrastructure to obtain better protection from cyber threats, optimize the performance of your technology, and know the tools you need to make the most of the data you collect.

From October 28-31, you can witness the innovations in:

  • Security
  • Enterprise Networks
  • Cloud
  • Internet of Things
  • Collaboration
  • Data Center
  • Programmability & Orchestration
  • Service Providers

For this reason, you cannot miss Cisco Live Cancun 2019 that will bring the latest Cisco solutions through four days of training, demonstrations, key sessions and many relationship experiences.

We have 6 different programs — engineers, developers, partners, executives, clients, and the press — to guarantee a unique experience and cutting-edge education in the topics and technologies that interest you most:

At Cisco Live Cancun you can also:

  • learn about the latest innovations from Cisco and our partners in the World of Solutions
  • certify your knowledge in the Testing Center
  • participate in social impact activities
  • start your day with energy in yoga classes
  • compete in the 5k race
  • have fun at the closing celebration.

Show the world what Latin America, and YOU, can do. Register here and enjoy the exclusive knowledge of Cisco and our partners, who make this possible.

I will love to greet you there!


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María José Lopez

Marketing Analyst

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