Devvie australia What do Devvie and the DevNet Zone at Cisco Live Melbourne have in common? Easy! Both love exploring developer topics, partying, and having fun. The DevNet Zone at Cisco Live Melbourne is brought to you by the Cisco Developer Relations team. We can’t wait to see you in-person or online! For each Cisco Live we do our best to bring you top-notch technical sessions and speakers you can connect with. Let’s dig into what we’ve got lined up.

Step 1: Get Registered

Join us in-person or enjoy the broadcast straight from Melbourne. The broadcast is free, check out the buzz, the updates and share the excitement virtually.

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Devvie australiaStep 2: Let’s Inspire Each Other

  • Do you live on the edge? Join Grace Francisco, Vice President of Developer Relations Strategy and Experience, for her session, “Living on the Edge: From Developers to Ops” INTDEV-1250. You’ll learn how Cisco is engaging developers with new tools, hands-on experiences, and code designed for hybrid environments. See first-hand how we are enabling and empowering our growing developer community as we stand on the edge of a new era of innovation. Join Grace in-person or catch the broadcast.
  • I’ve never met anyone as passionate, committed, and inspirational to Women in Tech as Grace Francisco. WOCL-2000 is your chance to talk to Grace and other amazing advocates as they unpack the “Power of We” with panel host Karen Schuman. Everyone is welcome to join. Learn how we can be stronger together – when that happens we all win!

Step 3: Let’s Party Together

Who doesn’t love a technical party full of developer topics, code, eats, and a chance to win awesome prizes (e.g., wireless headphones or a SmartMug)? Join us in the DevNet Zone theater for these special sessions to hear directly about new releases, to talk tech, and have fun with the following:

Tuesday – it’s all about Meraki

  • Tech Session: Grab some eats and don’t miss Product Architect, John Kutcha, and Developer Advocate, Shweta Palande, for DEVNET-1338, from 12-1pm in the DevNet Zone theater. They will show you how you can innovate with Meraki APIs and its partner marketplace.
  • Giveaway & Fun: Enter to win a Smart Mug and grab some special snacks! Go here to read more and enter to win.
  • Experts: Have a Meraki question? Find Meraki experts in the DevNet Zone all day, showcasing the latest features. You can also find Meraki experts in the DevNet Zone on Friday – all day!

Wednesday – Cisco Networking is where it’s at

  • Tech Session: Yousuf and Thomas bring you the latest new capabilities designed to simplify network operations and change the way customers configure, operate, and analyze cloud networking. Join DEVNET-1420 from 12-1pm.
  • Giveaway & Fun: Not only can you get answers to your questions, but you can also enter to win Bose headphones. We are giving 2 away! (Must be present to win.)
  • Eats?! Did someone say snacks? Don’t miss out on treats in the DevNet Zone. Fuel up and then dig into the demos with Cisco Networking.
  • Experts: It’s Cisco Networking all day in the DevNet Zone demo pod. Have a question? Experts will be standing by!

Thursday – power hybrid experiences with Webex for Developers

  • Tech Session: From 12-1pm let Ian Hawkins tell you more in DEVNET-1735 in the DevNet Zone theater where you’ll explore some hero use cases, partner stories, and developer resources to help you build and shape these experiences. Learn more about how different partners are enabling these possibilities using the Webex platform.
  • Giveaway & Fun: Join us for prizes and snacks! Learning, eating, and winning is the perfect trifecta!
  • Experts: Want to dig into the details? Swing by the Webex for Developers demo booth to ask your questions, swap code and collaborate.

Step 4: Let’s Learn Together

Step 5: Let’s Have Fun Together

Devvie dashIt’s Devvie’s Developer Dash – wait, is that Devvie driving a car down the track? Close! It’s a competition where the faster you answer questions correctly, the faster your car will cross the finish line. Fastest racer each day wins a prize and bragging rights.

Devvie stickers! Join the Cisco Live Gamification game and find custom Devvie stickers at the DevNet Zone welcome desk, post a picture to social and earn points via the Cisco Live app to win. Best part? These awesome stickers are yours to keep.

Step 6: Let’s Keep Talking

Throughout the DevNet Zone, you’ll see a QR code where you can give us your thoughts and be entered to win a stuffed Devvie or a DevNet Hoodie! We’d love to learn more about you, what you are working on and how we can develop together. Scan the QR codes scattered across the DevNet Zone to tell us more. Whether it’s on-site, online, or even post event – let’s keep connected!

Save the Date: Cisco Live 2022 Melbourne, December 6-9, 2022



Janel Kratky

Project Manager

Cisco Marketing