Cisco Live has come and gone. If you spent any time at all in the DevNet Zone, I am sure you left smarter and more equipped to tackle tomorrow’s technology challenges! I hope we inspired you on your journey with knowledge on APIs, security trends, observability, SASE, infrastructure as code, and more.

Wrap-up from the DevNet Zone

About a month ago, I made a list of my 5 favorite things about the DevNet Zone. Now, I’d like to close out with a top 5 memories from this year’s DevNet Zone experience:

  1. The excitement felt from attendees around the announcements reminded me why I LOVE in person events. Read Grace Francisco’s blog for a fantastic recap on what we announced.

  2. I know everyone had a great time at the takeovers we hosted every day featuring Meraki, SecureX, Webex for Developers and Cloud Networking.

  3. The demo’s and leaderboards kept some folks coming back every day to try for the high score.

  4. We probably need to at least double the capacity for our lightning talks as there was often not even standing room left to watch. Luckily we put them all online for you to watch ?

  5. The people! From coworkers and friends I hadn’t seen in years, meeting coworkers in person for the first time and all of the new connections made; thank you all for making this event special!

Feedback might get you a hoodie!

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Finally, watch this amazing wrap-up video from Kanwal Komail, Cisco DevNet Marketing Manager, and safe travels for all of you heading home.
It was great to see you!




Janel Kratky

Project Manager

Cisco Marketing