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All of the Cisco Live TV studio videos and interviews are available on the Cisco Live Europe YouTube channel.

Proof of Concept: Crypto Currency

DevNet Coin
Tom Davies announcing DevNet Coin

Learn about blockchain with Vallard Benincosa and Tom Davies.
Start here: Create a wallet, get five KETHs, buy DevNetCoin.

Black Hat Challenge

Blackhat Embrace your inner hacker, hit the vulnerable IOT devices and try to access the prize!

Black Hat Learning Lab / DevNet Zone
Last Day, Friday Feb 2nd 8:00 – 13:30 CET

Here’s what you’ll be doing

  • First you will hack your way on to the “secure” wifi network for corporate security
  • Then you’ll exploit a vulnerability on the router to access the camera vlan
  • Then you’ll get the code for the safe by hacking the camera and downloading archive footage of an employee opening the safe
  • Then you’ll overload the camera with a denial of service attack so the security guard doesn’t see you opening the safe
  • Then you’ll open the safe under your cover of DoS darkness! Collect one of the tickets to claim your very own Fedora from the DevNet info desk.

One click social login with GitHub, Facebook, Google or your Cisco / Spark ID. Start the Black Hat Learning Lab Now.

New Videos from Cisco Live

I chat with Joe Clarke, Distinguished Engineer, about the importance of Network Automation for building and operating the network at Cisco Live Barcelona.

No one has been doing automation and programmability at Cisco Live longer than Jason Davis, and I get a chance to chat with him about some of the great stuff going on in Barcelona.

Video Replay: Rise of the Network APIs
Facebook Live broadcast link

Cisco Live Barcelona Join Susie Wee, VP & CTO of DevNet at Cisco Systems, as she shares her vision on how Cisco is building APIs across its portfolio and how DevNet gives you the tools, resources, and training to embrace the network as your innovation platform.

Jerzy Foryciarz is a Senior Product Manager on Google Kubernetes Engine. He joined Google in 2011 working for Google TV, Youtube and Google Now. Prior to Google he was an Engineering Director of Motorola Cellular Networks Software. He holds MSc in Computer Technologies in Nuclear Physics from Jagiellonian University, PhD in Nuclear Physics From National Academy of Sciences in Poland and an MBA from Chicago University Booth School of Business.

Visit our Cisco DevNet Facebook page for the video replay.

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