Cisco Automation Developer Days are returning to New York on December 5-6, and registration is now open!
Spaces are limited, so make sure to check out the agenda and secure your spot as soon as possible.

This event will bring together the Cisco Automation Developer Community for the fifth time, with a focus on service development and best practices for successful automation and operations. Specifically, the gathering will address use cases related to 5G, RON, and Sustainability. We are eager to hear about your experiences with the NSO 6.x upgrade, as we introduced new features and significant performance improvements last year. Your feedback is valuable to us, and we will share our own field experience to encourage those who have not yet upgraded.

You are Wanted!

This event is primarily for Service Developers, NetDevOps Engineers and Operations using or considering to use Cisco Crosswork Network Automation suite including but not limited to Network Service Orchestrator (NSO), Crosswork Workflow Manager (CWM) or Crosswork Network Controller (CNC).

Developer Days US 2022Nils Petter Tisell, Engineering Product Manager, speaking at Developer Days US, 2022

Why should you attend?

Automation has immense potential, but as an industry, we have not fully achieved automation even for basic tasks like software upgrades and Day Zero configuration. However, some of our customers have made significant progress independently, or with the assistance of Cisco CX and partners like Data Ductus. We aim to share these experiences with you so that you can also reap the benefits. Take advantage of this event to learn, share, and connect with others in the industry.

Developer Days US 2022Intense discussions in the Operations Track at Developer Days US, 2022

What can you expect?

We will provide news and announcements about the Crosswork Network Automation portfolio, including product updates and roadmaps. Our customers and partners will also share their automation journeys, and in the afternoon sessions, we will dive deeper into specific tracks that explore new and popular features, teaching you how to use them effectively. You can choose to attend sessions from the Developer Track, the Operations Track, or join the Managerial workshop on Day 1. Additionally, we are planning an optional third day for hands-on activities. After an intense first day, we will conclude with a casual mingle event to allow ample time for networking and socializing. The end of day 2 will be reserved for your input, as we value your ideas on features, usability, and more. Understanding your needs is crucial to us.

If this sounds interesting, learn more and register for the Automation Developer Days now!

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