One of the things about being a developer is the need to learn new skills and technologies as the industry changes. We know one thing for certain, the languages, frameworks, and architectures we use today will give way to others soon. Keeping up with industry trends is an important task but can be an overwhelming stream of topics. This is one of the reasons I’m so excited Cisco is starting the Develop series.

Testing, infrastructure, and security are all areas that add to the overhead of a developer’s job. Developers are being asked to do more and more. To do things faster. And to increasingly do them with fewer resources.

There is a culture shift in many organizations that requires a bridge between developers and Ops. Security and network optimization are often shared responsibilities between teams. This results in the need for developers to have a better understanding and visibility into these mission critical functions.

The Develop conference series is focused on providing timely information specifically for cloud-native and enterprise software developers. Not developing cloud-native or enterprise applications? Don’t worry. The Develop conference series has content that’s relevant to you too.

Cloud Native Developers

The 2022 State of Cloud Native Development report done by SlashData for the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) shows that the cloud native developer ecosystem has grown by one million developers from Q3 2020 to Q3 2021. In the same time frame, the overall usage of containers as a solution for backend development increased from 9 million to 10.4 million. Building in a cloud-native manner has many benefits, including ease of management, faster time to market, reduced costs, reliability, scalability, and freedom from vendor lock-in.


Continuous Developer

These benefits don’t come without challenges, though. Designing and building cloud native applications can add complexity along with security issues. The Develop conference series brings insights from industry leaders to help you contend with these challenges.

Enterprise Developers

While many enterprises are embracing cloud-native development practices, there are many that also take a hybrid or strictly on-prem approach to their application development. After all, as we know, development takes on many different shapes and approaches. With that in mind, the Develop series has information for these developers as well.

Continuous Developer

When developing enterprise software applications, scaling is one of the top-of-mind considerations. Not just the scaling of application data, storage, band width, and performance but the scaling of infrastructure as well. In the “Lessons Learned from Scaling Infrastructure as Code” webinar, we learned how infrastructure complexity is impacting software velocity and how to regain control over your Infrastructure as Code (IaC) assets and configurations.

The Develop Conference

On October 18, 2022, we’re bringing together leaders from a variety of industries to discuss software trends, best practices, and lessons learned in creating software applications in a virtual conference format. We’ll be exploring how to successfully build, maintain, and secure modern, interconnected applications in today’s competitive environment.

When we look at the current ecosystem for developers, we see that APIs are increasingly important. In SlashData’s 19th State of the Developer Nation survey, they reported that 90% of developers are using external APIs. That shows how much APIs are integrated into our workflows. While APIs make many things easier and faster, they also can come with challenges.

These challenges come in a variety of ways, from security vulnerabilities to poor documentation, backward compatibility, and more. Throughout the Develop series, we’ll be exploring ways to mitigate some of these challenges. There are sessions on design best practices, platform solutions that provide insights into the quality and security of the APIs you use, documentation best practices, and more.

You’ll want to join us for this event to learn from technical founders, industry executives, and enterprise software engineers on what to consider as you build applications in today’s world. When planning the conference, one of the goals we set was to make sure the content was relevant to today’s developers. Here’s just a sampling of the speakers and talks:

  • Lior Koriat, Quali’s CEO, brings his years of experience to this session to explore ways to navigate the increasingly complex infrastructures developers rely upon. Delivering code workloads for on-prem, hybrid, private, and public cloud environments requires specialized skills that are challenging to find… and keep. Lior provides some recommendations on how to keep these experts productive and happy.
  • Pooja Mistry from Postman explores how to create API-driven workflows. When thinking about API design, it’s critical to think of how data will flow from storage to consumption. Pooja focuses on taking a modular design approach to APIs to establish a sustainable API ecosystem.
  • Greg Warden from SeatGeek walks us through their approach to digging out of API technical debt that has created challenges for customers, partners, and internal development teams.

What’s Next?

Register now for the inaugural virtual Develop conference on 18 October and come learn from some of the best and brightest technical leaders. We look forward to seeing you there!


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