Create an original Docker container application for the Cisco Catalyst Switch 9300, and WIN!

Calling all tech lovers, participate in a virtual challenge for a chance to win exciting prizes!

I love a good challenge and have taken part in a good few of these, whether this is a hackathon, hotdog eating contest, bench press contest, or who has the most awesome beard on the DevNet team! Okay, i admit, that last one i made up, i mean… who could compete with me here right? And now the Code for Catalyst Challenge is now Open!

Why you want to enter this challenge

Cisco Application Hosting on Catalyst 9000 series of switches extends the Cloud to the edge of the network, enabling data processing closer to the source in a distributed manner. Application Hosting is used by businesses ranging from manufacturing and energy corporations to public sector organizations to host a new breed of applications the enable security, network monitoring/troubleshooting, and data analytics.  All while removing the need for expensive compute nodes, since applications hosted on the switch gives developer easy and efficient access to live network traffic as well as the rich telemetry supported by the infrastructure. Application Hosting allows you to run off-the-shelf Docker apps, and it helps shortens development cycle.

In other words, the businesses and organizations you write applications for will love Cisco Applications Hosting. And that’s good for you.

Are you new to Cisco Application Hosting?
…. that’s not a problem

In the DevNet Zone at Cisco Live US this year, we launched all new DevNet learning labs and a new Sandbox for the Cisco Catalyst Switch 9300.  If you are new to Cisco Application Hosting, let me recommend that you try Cisco Application Hosting Learning Labs. These free training tutorials will show you how to use the IOS XE on Catalyst 9000 development environment to build a Docker application and deploy it on the Cat9K.  Then you may make use of DevNet’s Application Hosting Sandbox to test and validate your application.

The rules are simple. The prizes are cool.

The rules for entering the “Code-for-Catalyst challenge” are simple … you or your team must create a new, original Docker container application that will run on a Cisco Catalyst Switch 9300, and submit the source code to the application into DevNet Code Exchange.

All final submissions will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Wow factor
  • New and unique idea
  • Innovative solution
  • Demo/Code quality

Try out the learning materials to help you get started towards a chance to win bi-weekly giveaways and grand prizes.

Sign up and join the challenge! 

Challenge closes, September 13th 2019.


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Stuart Clark

Senior Developer Advocate Of Community, AWS