Cisco Live EMEA 2024

Hello! What a whirlwind. Vibrant, dynamic, alive with energy from customers, partners, and fellow developers alike, the DevNet Zone at Cisco Live EMEA in Amsterdam last week was nothing short of incredible. Reflecting on the experience, especially as a first-time attendee, I am left in awe at the strength and authenticity of the community that’s been built and continues to grow, and I’m coming away from the week with a deeper appreciation for DevNet—our people, our community, our partners—and its impact and significance globally. Read on for a few highlights I’d like to share.

Cisco Live EMEA 2024

Exploring the Wealth of Sessions

Entering the RAI Amsterdam convention center and heading through the World of Solutions towards The Hub where the DevNet Zone is, we were greeted with a plethora of session options. In the DevNet Zone alone, there were over 200 sessions offered, spanning a diverse range of topics and formats that offered a pick-your-own-adventure set of opportunities that allowed attendees to tailor their experience, explore, and learn the content in the way that worked best for them. Whether you preferred hands-on workshops, thought leadership from theater sessions, engaging classrooms, or quick insights from lightning talks, each DevNet session format offered a great learning experience.

Cisco Live EMEA 2024Classrooms

Cisco Live EMEA 2024Workshops

Cisco Live EMEA 2024Theater sessions

Cisco Live EMEA 2024Lightning talks

This year, throughout the week, the classrooms and workshops were both completely packed with many that had standing room only. Theater sessions and lightning talks were also abuzz with crowds around topics like security, AI, APIs, observability, Terraform, Ansible, networking, and programmability among many, many others. From seasoned professionals and tech enthusiasts to curious newcomers, there was something for everyone.

If you happened to miss or want to (re-)watch these sessions, catch them here on demand at the Cisco Live Amsterdam site. They’ll be available starting February 23rd!

Engaging through Special Ancillary Activities

In addition to the sessions, our DevNet team also put together a few special activities for attendees to experience.

In the Network Automation Labs hosted by our partner Red Hat, participants took part in proctored workshops to jumpstart their Ansible automation journey. These hands-on labs seemed quite popular given how full they all were.

Cisco Live EMEA 2024Hands-on labs

Our Media Zone was popping throughout the week with quality interviews and conversations.

Cisco Live EMEA 2024The Media Zone

In our Share Your Experience space, DevNet offered attendees an opportunity to impact development across Cisco’s products by giving them a chance to share real-time feedback through interactive feedback discussions and surveys using design thinking methodologies.

Cisco Live EMEA 2024Share your experience space

For a more relaxed, purely-for-fun vibe, we had a fantastic, nerdy time at the Fireballs & Fizz: Tech Trivia Throwdowns

Cisco Live EMEA 2024Tech trivia throwdowns

Each of these activities provided unique, valuable opportunities to learn, share, and connect.

Join the DevNet 10th Anniversary Celebration

Amidst the treasure trove of learning and networking opportunities, we also continued the festivities that were kicked off at Cisco Live APJC 2023 in Melbourne by spending some time together celebrating DevNet’s 10th anniversary. The atmosphere was cheerful as attendees connected with one another and reflected on DevNet’s past, present, and future.

If you haven’t done it already… check out DevNet’s 10-year journey, and join us for the virtual 10th Anniversary Celebration event in March!

Cisco Live EMEA 2024Celebrating 10 years of DevNet

Reflecting on Insights and Experiences

Suffice to say, Cisco Live EMEA was not just an event, but a celebration of community, collaboration, and growth. From the learning opportunities to the genuine connections, there were meaningful moments, insights, and memories for everyone to take away.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of DevNet’s journey. As we look ahead, let’s continue to build on the momentum and work together to drive innovation and success for our DevNet ecosystem.

If this sounds like your kind of community and experience, come join us at Cisco Live US in Vegas and check out all the developer resources on the DevNet website.

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Eugenia Kim

Chief of Staff

Cisco DevNet