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Whether you are a veteran or your first time attending, Cisco Live Cancun is a unique experience, and this year it will show you the evolution of business networks.

After having had the opportunity to participate in various editions of Cisco Live, I am very clear that it is a spectacular experience.  But it can also be overwhelming. With the amount of activities, conferences, demonstrations, workshops… it’s easy to get lost in the sea of possibilities (and among the 6,000+ attendees). Check out the Cisco Live Cancun Session Catalog to prepare your agenda to gain as much knowledge as possible.

In the end, all participants have a common goal: to obtain the greatest learning, and opportunities to collaborate, to build the future of their organization, their work, their career, and (in a greater sense, I like to think) the future of society. In many ways Cisco Live is a place where the technological trends projected for the future can be discovered, take shape, and become projects that will have an impact on the quality of life for all of us.

Learn about Intention-based Networks

This year’s Cisco Live in Cancun is particularly exciting. Thanks to intention-based networks (IBN), your IT team no longer needs to panic when asked to support a new business initiative, and the acquisition of a new device or the incorporation of new applications is no longer required. With an intention-based network, IT teams can quickly configure appropriate network policies to meet any new need, in any domain: campus, branch, WAN, data center, or hybrid clouds; and Cisco is taking steps to integrate a multi-domain environment; not making them identical and reducing them to the lowest common denominator, but making them share policy elements, so that they can cooperate with each other to fulfill the collective intention, an intention aligned with the objective of your organization.

Three moments at Cisco Live Cancun you won’t want to miss

1. Listen to the voices that lead the transformation

This year’s keynote presentations will offer a view of the opportunities that IT talent has in the future, reviewing the current state of technology, the trends that will mark the future and transformation of networks in Latin America, and even a little of inspiration towards the possibilities that technology enables so that we all contribute to a batter future.

Don’t miss presentations with Jim Walsh, Senior Vice president of Cisco Growth Marketing; Max Tremp, Systems Engineering Director for Cisco Latin America; and Colonel Chris Hadfield, one of the most recognized astronauts worldwide (and possibly also identified by that famous David Bowie cover).

2. Train for the future in networks

One of the main reasons to attend Cisco Live is training opportunities, and this occasion is no exception. With more than 100 sessions of content that will cover topics such as Internet of Things, Wi-Fi 6, SD-WAN, automation, network assurance; and the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning to the networks.

Whether during the track for IT Managers, as part of a laboratory or in a technical seminar, you will have access to the latest updates on the technologies that are shaping the new era of networks. The Session Catalog will help you put together your agenda to attend the sessions of greatest importance to you.

3. Explore the latest network innovations in the Cisco Showcase

Within the Cisco Live experience there is the Cisco Showcase, an area where you can see all the technological trends “coming to life.”  This year, thanks to Cisco experts, you can choose to join one of the guided tours, where you can see the application of the new global trends in networking. Or if you feel like an explorer, you can visit the area on your own and talk with the experts in charge of the demos, to learn more about the trends that are most relevant to you.

Do not miss this opportunity to update your knowledge and prepare for what comes in network technologies. If you do not have the chance to attend in person, do not worry, you can follow the live broadcast.

See you in Cancun!

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