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As a company we market Cisco Application Centric infrastructure (ACI) as being anywhere. While most of our marketing materials show Cisco ACI being deployed in the Data Center, many customers are seeing the benefits of using outside the data center, including campus environments. Campus networks require secure access to the network through authentication of end devices and this is where Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) comes into play. Cisco ISE offers a network-based approach for adaptable, trusted, access everywhere, based on context.

On September 5th I’ll be presenting a live webinar, a demo really, in which we will look at how Cisco ACI supports user authentication using 802.1x and RADIUS, and how we use a web portal to link to Cisco ISE to authenticate based on the MAC of the end device.  In this demo you’ll learn how a web tool in the Django framework utilizes ACI and ISE APIs, so you can ensure consistent security policy in data center or campus environments.

We will take a look at examples of how to use Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC) and Cisco ISE API. I’ll walk you through where to find the API documentation and show you the steps to utilize the APIs for your own projects.  Please register now to attend.

ACI in campus environments

Check out some useful tools from DevNet and Cisco Dcloud to use to get familiar with the API:


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