We live in a world with a rapidly evolving threat landscape, where adversaries are employing sophisticated techniques, exploiting the dynamic nature of IT infrastructure and launching asymmetrical attacks. Next week at Cisco Live there is a session in which you can learn how to leverage Cisco’s integrated security architecture to protect against threats. The session is called, “Threat detection using Cisco’s integrated security architecture and automating workflows using APIs,”  BRKPRG-2456

In this session, we will survey the breadth of Cisco’s security portfolio – from network, to endpoint, to cloud – and take a deep dive into specific key capabilities including Firepower and Cisco Threat Response (CTR) to demonstrate how customers can leverage the integrated portfolio, backed by TALOS, to protect against real-world attacks while reducing their mean time to detection. The real-world attack we will dissect is Russia’s hacking of the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

Throughout the session, there will be special emphasis on:

  • automating workflows
  • interoperating with others
  • supporting industry standards to share intelligence

Throughout we will be highlighting the simplicity of Cisco’s products, a key tenet of Cisco’s integrated security architecture.

CLUS Veer's Security Session

Come join Pramod Chandrashekar, Director Engineering, Security Business Group and Krishan Veer, Sr. Technical Leader with DevNet, at CLUS 2019 to learn about “Threat detection using Cisco’s integrated security architecture and automating workflows using APIs” BRKPRG-2456

  • Date/Time:  Monday, June 10th @ 04:00 PM
  • Location: SDCC – Upper Level, Room 25B

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Krishan Veer

Technical Lead, Software Engineering

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