Cisco Meraki API Launch at DevNet Create

At Cisco Meraki we are dedicated to simplifying powerful technology to free passionate people to focus on their mission. For many groups, simplicity isn’t just about an intuitive user interface or complete visibility. Simplicity is a network that responds to the business – a network that is a seamless part of the processes and initiatives running throughout an organization.

In many cases the only true path to simplicity is automation. This is why we have committed to an open Meraki platform and why we’ve invested so much into an open and extensible API framework for the Meraki cloud. We are committed to helping our users and partners rapidly and creatively develop custom solutions that are meaningful to their businesses.

Making it easy to provision a device when a new employee arrives is great… automatically provisioning that device with a welcome message is SIMPLE. An alert that indicates too many people are in the checkout line is great… automatically paging for more help at the cash registers… is SIMPLE.

This strategy is key to enabling massive automation, customization, and orchestration across various industries. To date we have over 75,000 active API users leveraging these services and 30 million daily API requests to our platform.

Developers are using these APIs in powerful and unique ways to:

  • streamline the provisioning and monitoring of Meraki environments
  • create rich reports and analytics
  • integrate third party applications
  • efficiently scale their businesses

I was lucky enough to speak at DevNet Create, where we announced that Meraki is launching full support for the OpenAPI Specification. This industry standard for describing APIs will make it even easier for anyone looking to develop on the Meraki platform… after all, developers deserve a little simplicity too.

Find resources on the Meraki Developer Hub

We have also partnered with Cisco DevNet to release a new and improved Meraki Developer Hub and Meraki Marketplace. For those looking to trial, purchase, or build with the Meraki platform, these immersive and demo-rich sites provide interactive API documentation, code libraries, sandbox environments for experimentation, as well as turnkey solutions, and many other resources for developers and customers.

We are incredibly excited about the developer adoption we’ve seen so far on Meraki APIs and cloud services, and I can’t wait to see what our partner and developer community will build next.

Join us at our next API-focused webinar to learn more and start developing! Registration is open here.

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