During customer meetings, I receive a lot of positive feedback on Cisco DNA – our intent-based networking solution for campus and branch. Customers tell me how Cisco DNA Center, its controller, reduces the time it takes them to onboard users and things securely, helps their engineers focus on more business-critical tasks, and keeps their network trouble-free and humming. They also express how much they appreciate the ability to set policies in Cisco DNA Center to tailor the network to their needs.

But I increasingly field questions from customers who want more. They want their network to not only fully participate in their day-to-day business needs but also support the transformation they seek. They ask, “can I integrate Cisco DNA Center with tools that I use to manage my business, so I can ensure that the network always is in lockstep with my business priorities.”

DNA Center diagramWhen I tell them about the rich sets of open APIs that Cisco DNA Center offers that can be used by external applications to tie the network to business processes, and to integrate with IT processes such ServiceNow, their eyes begin to light up. We talk about the possibilities that can open for their business, and we soon get to how we can get started. This is when I shift the conversation to Cisco’s best-kept secret: DevNet. Cisco DNA Center open APIs are available to everyone – including you – in Cisco DevNet.

Cisco DevNet not only hosts all the tools that you need to get started with Cisco DNA Center open platform, but also documentation, tutorials, and even sandboxes where you can develop and run your applications.

Just like in previous years, DevNet will have an area in the World of Solutions at this year’s Cisco Live conference that runs June 10 to June 13 in San Diego. Here you will find tutorial sessions, hands-on labs, be able to exchange notes with developers from around the world and find engineers from Cisco to ask any questions you might have.

We have planned several activities to get you going with Cisco DNA Center platform. If you are just starting out, don’t miss the following:

  • Cisco DNA Center 101: Getting started with CISCO DNA-C Platform – DEVNET-1234
  • Unleash Cisco DNA Center Platform: Explore the APIs, Dive into use cases to roll out your own application – DEVNET-1259

If you need a refresher, or to continue your education, check these out:

  • Intent APIs in DNA Center – DEVNET-2087
  • Exploring the Cisco DNA Center as a Platform – DEVNET-2877
  • Explore the Programmability Options of Cisco DNA Center for Managing Network Intent – DEVNET-3603

You will find all of these and much more, such as programming with Python, etc., on the Cisco Live session catalog.

Cisco DNA Center “takes over” DevNet Zone

Whether you are just starting off with learning about APIs or a seasoned developer, you wouldn’t want to miss “Cisco DNA Center takeover of DevNet zone”. There is something there for everyone. During the hour of 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM on Wednesday, June 12, DevNet zone will focus exclusively on Cisco DNA Center’s platform. It will kickoff with an introduction by Susie Wee, Cisco Senior Vice President and Chief Technical Offer, and Jeff Sheaffer, Cisco Vice President, Product Management, followed by a special presentation on the power of Cisco DNA Center APIs by Adam Radford, Cisco Distinguished Systems Engineer.

During the hour, you can explore the APIs hands-on in the demo booths, converse with Cisco SMEs, relax with some beer and munchies, and try to win one of the two backpacks full of goodies that we will be giving away, and. Oh, and I almost forgot, only during this hour, we will be giving away a special Cisco DNA T-shirt designed just for this occasion. So, bring your curiosity and your appetite and get ready to dig in!

Continue your learning

Our engagement with you doesn’t stop with Cisco Live! At our Cisco DNA Center website you fill find a code exchange that hosts code samples that you are free to use in your project, self-service learning modules that you can go through at your own pace, and a partner ecosystem listing those who have invested and developed solutions using Cisco DNA Center open platform.

The next wave of intent-based networking is here – advances that make Cisco DNA Center the open network platform organizations can count on to streamline operations and enable innovation today and into the future. Experience it for yourself.

Check out the full range of workshops, demos, and activities coming to the DevNet Zone at Cisco Live. And if you haven’t already done so … Join DevNet for access to the learning labs, docs, and sandboxes you need for network automation

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Prashanth Shenoy

Vice President of Marketing

Enterprise Networking and Mobility