3Data CEO Wallon Walusayi

The author of this blog is Wallon “Nick” Walusayi, the Co-Founder & CEO of 3Data, a 3D visual analytics platform and Cisco partner.

The future of how we experience data is changing. Data is being generated from everywhere and filling data centers at a rate that is much greater than ever before, making it increasingly more challenging to make informed decisions in a rapidly changing business environment.  Even with the use of machine learning and AI to help filter out the useful information for decision making, we struggle to consume, interact, and present the massive amount of data. Luckily, we live in a world of innovators who see endless possibilities instead of problems.  

Austin based startup 3Data (Three Data) is taking this Big Data challenge head on with their immersive data visualization platform that allows us to better communicate and interact with Big Data by using 3D.

3Data’s 3D Data Intelligence platform was developed to enhance users ability to discover insights from their data and seamlessly collaborate remotely using virtual and augmented reality. Even if you don’t have an AR/VR headset, 3Data also works on 2D devices such as your computer, mobile phone, and now your WebEx Board!

By utilizing an emerging API called WebXR, 3Data was able to integrate with Cisco technology to enhance Cisco’s Webex collaboration capabilities with 3D presentations of static or real-time information. With 3Data’s platform, you can also create virtual NOCs (network operations centers) that pull data from Cisco’s networking APIs and displays important or critical data from your network; displaying all of your important metrics in a consolidated environment.

3Data is changing the way we understand and interact with data, helping you visualize data in context and intuitively communicate complex information.

Cisco Webex + 3Data provide data experiences in collaborative environments

As one of Cisco’s developer partners, 3Data uses Webex device APIs and SDKs to help deliver on providing data experiences to people in collaborative environments. One of the ways 3Data is doing this, is by taking advantage of the new Digital Signage feature on Cisco’s WebEx Board to provide interactive, touch based user experiences. This feature allows a user to present interactive data from a VR/AR headset having a full range of interaction from within the AR/VR data environment, while allowing users on a WebEx Meeting and/or WebEx Teams call to interact with the touch screen dashboard on a WebEx Board. This gives a full 3D data experience.

Through Cisco’s partnership at Capital Factory we have been able to work with the WebEx and Cisco DevNet groups to help drive our innovative process and develop our company further. We look forward to the new things we will be creating with the help of Capital Factory and Cisco! We are looking to further integrate with Cisco technologies and are working with Cisco DevNet team to use Meraki APIs to create a virtual NOC for users to visualize networking data from Meraki, in one central environment.  Lookout for a blog post in the near future on our Meraki integration. 

Try Now, If you would like to see your data come to life in VR or on your WebExBoard! 


Author Bio:
Serial Entrepreneur Wallon “Nick” Walusayi is the Co-Founder & CEO of 3Data, a 3D visual analytics platform. His entrepreneurial journey began in 2015, founding one of the first 360 video live streaming companies and developing VR training simulators for RSA and Johnson Controls. In 2016 Wallon was NBC’s “SXSW featured entrepreneur” in 2017 he was named “Top 20 XR Person To Watch” and in 2018 named “SXSW Top 25 Startup” by Tech co. 


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