This Tuesday Veeam announced that they have received SAP HANA certification. Veeam can now protect SAP HANA deployments with native SAP database backups. With Veeam integrations for Cisco HyperFlex and Veeam Availability on HyperFlex and Cisco UCS, we are excited about combining forces to offer SAP HANA users a modern solution spanning from production to protection.

An end-to-end, modernized, protected platform for SAP HANA
SAP is critical to most businesses, and SAP HANA databases and applications need modern infrastructure with high availability and consistent, strong performance. Cisco HyperFlex was the 1st hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solution to be benchmarked for SAP applications and is certified for production SAP HANA environments. Built on the success of Cisco UCS, the #1 infrastructure choice for SAP HANA, Cisco HyperFlex has created an SAP Modernization Platform to address all your SAP infrastructure needs in an HCI environment. While HyperFlex provides high data availability and native replication, your SAP HANA environment is so mission critical that you’ll likely want a 3rd party backup vendor. With Cisco and Veeam being so closely aligned, Veeam backup for SAP HANA fills that gap perfectly. Veeam provides enhanced backup capabilities like instant VM recovery and optimizes backups with Veeam’s native HyperFlex snapshot integration. SAP users will be able to leverage Veeam DataLabs to easily deploy SAP test environments and clone SAP databases from Veeam repositories, using native SAP database backup methods. With Veeam’s SAP certified plug-in for database backup and restores and Cisco HyperFlex’s industry leading performance, simple management, and low TCO, only Cisco and Veeam can provide a truly end-to-end, HCI infrastructure solutions for SAP HANA. SAP HANA administrators will see many benefits from this joint Cisco/Veeam solution, including:

  • Seamlessly streamed SAP HANA backups into Veeam repositories
  • Maximum throughput during backup and restore operations with Veeam’s Scale-Out Backup Repository
  • High Availability – Native HyperFlex snapshots integration that meets and exceeds performance and recovery time requirements for business critical applications

Protect it with Veeam availability on Cisco HyperFlex or Cisco UCS
Veeam provides best of breed backup protection capabilities for SAP HANA but choosing the right hardware to run Veeam is a crucial decision. In 2018, Cisco and Veeam announced a joint solution with Veeam Availability on HyperFlex, delivering a highly resilient, ultra-high availability platform with Veeam Services and repository running on HyperFlex. This means that you can run your SAP HANA environment on HyperFlex and then back it up with Veeam running on a separate HyperFlex system, giving you the added benefit of seamless scalability, reduced operation costs, and simplified deployment and management.

In addition to Veeam Availability on HyperFlex, Veeam is also available on Cisco UCS servers. For large SAP HANA deployments, Veeam Availability on Cisco UCS S3260 Storage Server is a great option that will provide simple management and easy scalability.

Why Modernize Data Protection When You Modernize Production?
Legacy data protection systems were not designed for modern highly virtualized, multi-cloud environments. It only makes sense that when you adopt a modern hyperconverged infrastructure platform like HyperFlex that you also modernize your data protection solution. If you are upgrading HANA infrastructure to HyperFlex or deploying HANA for the 1st time and are deploying it on HyperFlex, it’s a great time to look at Veeam as the backup solution. As we discussed, Veeam integrates seamlessly with your production HyperFlex environment and Veeam Availability on HyperFlex and UCS provides additional advantages for your backup instance and means that you only have one familiar hardware vendor to deal with that has closely aligned with Veeam for years.

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Stephen Selgrade

Marketing Manager

Enterprise Solutions - Data Center Marketing