Cloud platforms are increasingly a viable option for a growing set of enterprise applications and workloads.   Application teams are uncompromising in their desire to build and deploy new applications into public cloud environments that deliver speed and choice. Industry analysts tell us that almost 50% of enterprise organizations are starting to build private clouds which means that data center professionals need to maintain an increasingly hybrid mix of cloud resources. This has lead to leadership teams asking “who is going to manage this hybrid mix?”

YOU can with Cisco CloudCenter.

Cisco CloudCenter expedites hybrid cloud outcomes by modelling, deploying and managing applications across approximately 20 different data center, private or public platforms. This application centric approach abolishes the duplicative coding efforts of other hybrid cloud solutions resulting in a reduction of up to 60% of developers time spent on these activities. Best of all, each application profile contains a “bill of materials” for the configuration and type of infrastructure needed to support that profile.  Cloud orchestration solutions, such as Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite; as well as other private or public cloud orchestration tools automatically set-up the infrastructure to the exacting requirements of the application profile.

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