UnleashingITA new edition of UnleashingIT showcases a variety of companies that are taking advantage of Cisco UCS integrated infrastructure based solutions to support dramatic growth, expand services, increase uptime, and respond to changing business demands faster.

Cisco, works with industry-leading and emerging storage technology partners, to offer a tremendous choice of integrated infrastructure solutions based on UCS Integrated Infrastructure:


Integrated infrastructure has fundamentally changed how we buy and deploy compute, networking and storage. There is no longer time to build a technology environment from scratch. Integrated systems can deliver faster deployments, less risk, simplified management, and seamless scalability.

This new UnleashingIT edition also highlights how the Cisco Validated Designs answer the most common questions, highlight best practices, and provide step-by-step instruction for setting up an infrastructure environment. Cisco optimizes solutions for popular infrastructure use cases, applications, and technology transition points such as virtualized infrastructure, hybrid cloud, desktop virtualization, enterprise applications, in-memory databases, analytics and Big Data. UCS integrated infrastructure based solutions also benefit from a support model that makes it easy for customers to resolve issues, regardless of where the problem resides.

Again, please read the latest edition of UnleashingIT and visit the Cisco UCS integrated infrastructure website.


Tim Stack

Product Marketing Manager

Data Center and Virtualization