We are pleased to share this newest edition of Unleashing  IT  which talks about how next generation UIT V5 Iss4 coverdata centers are drivers of business transformation, orchestration, and success.  It contains 6 thought leader  articles and 2 customer stories providing unique perspectives on business challenges and solutions employing state of the art Cisco technology.

Why Data Centers Are More Important Than Ever introduces the importance of a consistent policy model for analytics, simplification, automation, and protection in the ASAP data center.

A DVR For Your Data Center explains what happens when you capture  every packet and every flow in your entire data center and add analytics with machine learning to deliver application dependency mapping and establish zero-trust operations by combining Tetration and ACI.

Finding The Right Home For Your Applications discusses how to model and application’s characteristics and policy requirements to deploy and manage them in the data center and cloud environments best suited to optimize price and performance for the business.

Software-Defined Networking Just Got Better talks about how ACI extends policy-driven automation up the cloud stack and uses a common policy model to accommodate any L4-L7 service for firewall, intrusion detection, and load balancing services.

Protecting Users Beyond the Firewall shares how customers are using Cisco Umbrella and CloudLock to protect users and data in cloud applications that are directly accessed from mobile devices outside the data center network.

Easier, Better Security With Micro-Segmentation introduces how Cisco automates configuration and enforcement using group-based management to secure applications, devices, and users in and out of the data center.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure, Hyper Efficient Operations details how a company enables rapid growth and deliver excellent user experiences using a next-gen data platform.

Building A “Field Of Dreams”  talks about how a service provider assembles a powerful cloud platform to transition from a network integrator to becoming a DevOps facilitator.

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