A recent Gartner report quotes “More than 30% of all support tickets (for hadoop) are related to mis-configuration”.

Despite the immense opportunity with Big Data, Customers deploying Hadoop clusters are still riddled with the complexity of deployment and manageability of Hadoop clusters at scale.  To make it worse, latent issues with incorrect configuration can impact application and business performance. With data volumes growing so quickly and business decision makers demanding faster response time, organizations need to find ways to consistently deploy Hadoop clusters and manage them efficiently.

Introducing Cisco’s UCS Director Express for Big Data to consistently, reliably and rapidly deploy Big Data Hadoop clusters and manage them under a single management pane. Built on the leading UCS Common Platform Architecture (CPA) for Big Data and award winning UCS Director platform, this product provides a single touch automation for end-end Hadoop deployment all the away from bare metal disk and network configuration to installing and setting up Hadoop services. It is tightly integrated with major Hadoop distributions to complement and communicate with Hadoop managers to provide centralized visibility across both the physical hardware as well as Hadoop services.



What does this mean for customers? Customers can now deploy Hadoop clusters by pre-configuring hadoop policies in addition to infrastructure policies.  Hadoop stats and infrastructure stats can be correlated to better diagnose cluster bottlenecks. With out-of-the-box performance configured based on best practices for Cisco UCS CPA for Big Data, this means less time and resources spent on cluster tuning. In addition, the extensible and programmable infrastructure with north-bound REST APIs allows further customization and building add-on services.


Providing a seamless customer experience, with enhanced agility and improved operational efficiency has been a key mantra for UCS. With UCS Director Express for Big Data, the same benefits are extended into the Hadoop application space.  Now, customers have a simpler and faster mechanism to realize the benefits from Big Data Hadoop adoption.


Bharath Aleti

Product Manager, UCS Big Data Solutions