I’m looking forward to Collaborate 15 where thousands of attendees travel to Las Vegas to learn, meet and improve their skills and understanding of Oracle databases and applications.   One of the main areas to see improvements in reliability, speed and cost of  Oracle database is the upgrading of server hardware.   Cisco UCS Servers and UCS Integrate Infrastructure offer Oracle customers’  a number of unique upgrade, benefits.  These hardware improvements are here today from Cisco, and its name is UCS.

Thousands of UCS Oracle customers around the world over have benefited as Cisco UCS has seen its server customer base increase from zero to over 41,000 in a little more than 5 years.   In fact, Cisco UCS servers have grown extremely fast in nearly every dimension.

Growth of UCS Servers
UCS Over Five years

Please stop by Cisco booth 1003 and see why customers are making the switch to UCS.  Learn why hardware really isn’t the correct word for a UCS server; a better description is software-abstracted hardware.  UCS will allow you and your organization to think differently about what the word hardware means and the differentiators it provides. Differentiators like:

  1. UCS SingleConnect Technology – save money with this dramatic simplification of your server connections.
Simplicity and Cleanliness of a Unified Cisco Approach
UCS SingleConnect Technology
  1. UCS Service profiles – fully automate provisioning and deployment of servers with this one-of-a-kind server abstraction, it abstracts server hardware in software. See why one historical analogy to UCS Service profiles is the assembly and its large productivity benefits:
Analogy to UCS Service Profile Benefits
Analogy to UCS Service Profile Benefits
  1. UCS Manager Programmability -unique ability to plug in and script into higher-levels tools like Oracle Enterprise Manager or Microsoft System Center.
  1. UCS World records: 37 in Oracle workloads and 100+ overall World Records

UCS architectures and these differentiators deliver significant benefits to your organization like:

  1. Save on Oracle licensing costs
  2. Increase server availability dramatically
  3. Decrease server deployment errors
  4. Automate at new, granular parts of your sever infrastructure
  5. Cloud-proof your future infrastructure needs

In addition, take these UCS Server benefits to UCS Integrated Infrastructure, combining UCS Servers, Nexus switches and UCS Director with your storage vendor of choi the next level withce. UCS Integrated Infrastructure plus

  1. UCS Integrated Infrastructure + NetApp Storage = FlexPod
  2. UCS Integrated Infrastructure + EMC Storage = Cisco Solutions for EMC VSPEX or Vblock
  3. UCS Integrated Infrastructure + HDS Storage = UCP
  4. UCS Integrated Infrastructure + IBM Storage = Versatack
  5. UCS Integrated Infrastructure + Nimble Storage = SmartStack

UCS Integrated Infrastructure BDM_overall_slide_ 1_17_15_V2

UCS offers it all, less money, higher productivity, increased agility and integration with your storage vendor of choice.  Please stop by booth 1003 and learn how to save allot of money with just a few minutes of your time.

In addition, Cisco also offers other ways to share, learn and inform with Collaborate 15 attendees:

  1. Preconference boot camp on Oracle Virtualization and Licensing on April 12th. Dave Welch, CTO and Chief Evangelist with House of Brick Technologies will be joined by Cisco’s John McAbel for a 4 hour deep-dive to help you plan your Oracle deployments and lower licensing costs. Here’s a secret registration tip, send an email to registration@ioug.org to add the bootcamp to your schedule.
  1. Participation in the Women in Technology Cisco is proud to sponsor the Women in Tech Luncheon on April 13th. On April 15th, Cisco Distinguished Engineer, Judy Priest will be participating in an inspiring panel of women for an engaging conversation on their personal experiences and strategies for success.



Bruno Messina

Product Manager

Unified Computing Systems Data Center