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Transform Your Business Engine

September 22, 2016 - 1 Comment

IT is caught in a perfect storm of far-reaching changes.  It’s all about the user experience.  It is NOT about IT technology.

Getting out of this storm takes transformation.  Transformation requires automation.  You can fight it and risk falling behind.  Or begin your automation journey.  Studies[1] indicate adopting automation delivers value back to the organization.   It increases revenue, margins and market awareness.

The engine is the core of your car.  Data centers are the core to growing your business.  No longer viewed as a way to reduce costs, data centers are viewed as a way to generate market opportunities and revenue.

Cisco infrastructure automation can transform your data center to generate those opportunities. Automate physical and virtual compute, network and storage components.  Define provision and manage Cisco and 3rd party hardware.  Create workflows to consistently deliver hard, error prone tasks.

The infrastructure automation component that comes with Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite delivers everything you need.  Provision a VSAN on bare metal.  Add virtual machines to a container.  A built-in workflow designer and all the tasks required to create these and many more are included.

Every business is different.  You have custom integrations.  Check out Cisco’s community site.  With over 300 tested and verified code samples, you won’t hit any walls.  Examples include:

  • Workflow sampleIntegrate HP 3PAR storage
  • Migrate a VM to a data store cluster
  • Integrate Red Hat Satellite Server
  • HP MAC address retrieval

Cisco knows what’s needed to transform your business.  Years of managing data and accelerating business has taught us the ropes.  Don’t get left behind.  Start your transformation process today.

Learn more about Cisco infrastructure automation and our community site.

[1] The Digital Advantage:  How digital leaders outperform their peers in every industry.

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  1. One of the keys in the IT world is, no matter what technological product is outside. Is a matter of how outperform the customer experiences beyond their expectations and specific needs. To support and improve their businesses grow. And that’s the astounding value of Cisco’s products. Here, with Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite, and the infrastructure automation component. Thank you for sharing your valuable post, and links, with an interesting study. Deeply appreciated.