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Cisco ACI is Cisco’s Software Defined Networking (SDN) solution that enables organizations to automate for scale, accelerate to the multicloud, protect their data center network, and provide assurance and insights. In the Cisco App Center, users can either 1) find an ACI application that help them better align Cisco ACI to their business needs, or 2) develop and publish a Cisco ACI application. There are 2 types of Cisco ACI applications, stateless and stateful (as explained in module 3), and this series will focus on stateless applications.

Since stateless applications differ than stateful applications in a few ways:

  1. It only has a frontend interface (HTML, javascript, CSS)
  2. There is no backend server
  3. It doesn’t save application state or data locally
  4. It relies on APIC browser cookies and cashe objects to stay active and be able to consume SPIC rest API’s

We have created these Cisco ACI training modules that will teach you how to develop, package, publish, and deploy a Cisco ACI stateless application to your local APIC, with an option to include it in the ACI marketplace (also known as the App Center).
Below you will find each Module, along with a quick summary. You can also bookmark this page for future reference if needed.

Module 1

This module will cover course expectations, prerequisites, tools that will be used throughout the course, resources for developer and reference materials to get familiar with Cisco ACI and related technologies.


Module 2

This will cover what is Cisco ACI, the problems that it solves and its use cases, followed by a demo.


Module 3

This module will go over two types of Cisco ACI applications that a developer can develop and deploy. Stateless, and Stateful


Module 4

This module covers basic architecture of a Cisco ACI stateless application.


Module 5

This module will cover what you as an admin can do with stateless applications in APIC, when to use stateless applications and when not to use stateless applications.


Module 6

This module will cover how to download Cisco ACI Stateless Application.


Module 7

This module is a deep dive into Structure of an Cisco ACI Stateless Application.


Module 8

In this module you will start the main course project.


Module 9

How to package your stateless application and publish in Cisco ACI marketplace.

By using what you’ve learned in these modules, you should be able to develop applications that can benefit your organization or the rest of the industry.





Emmeline Wong

Product Marketing Specialist

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