Now available for existing customers of Tidal Enterprise scheduler with native support for MapR.

Why is this big news? It means that workloads can now move between existing FTP, S3 buckets, ERP, Business intelligence and Hadoop HDFS to MapR’s version of HDFS.

From Allan’s blog:

A few months ago, Cisco announced the release of Tidal Enterprise Scheduler TES 6.1 and with it integrations for Hadoop software distributions, such as Cloudera and MapR, as well as adapters to support Sqoop, Data Mover HDFS, Hive, and MapReduce jobs. All performed through the same TES interface as their other enterprise workloads.

Today, I’m pleased to announce that with the upcoming 6.1.1 release of Cisco’s Tidal Enterprise Scheduler, Cisco’s MapR integration will deepen further. Leveraging Big Data for competitive advantage and rises in innovative product offerings are changing the storage, management, and analysis of an enterprise’s most critical asset — data.

The difficulty of managing Hadoop clusters will continue to grow and enterprises need solutions like Hadoop to enable the processing of large amounts of data. Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler enables more efficient management of those environment because it is an intelligent solution for integrating Big Data jobs into an existing data center infrastructure. TES has adapters for a range of enterprise applications including: SAP, Informatica, Oracle, PeopleSoft, MSSQL, JDEdwards, and many others.

via Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler 6.1.1.