Part 3 of the Accelerate to Multicloud series

In our last post, we talked about the Strategy companies transitioning to ACI should use to ensure it goes smoothly. Today, in the final post of our three-part series, we delve into the Solution.

Your Key to Multicloud Mastery

Cisco ACI Anywhere delivers the full package: scalability, application agility, security, and automation.

Let’s review: You want a robust multicloud environment, but you need a little help getting there. When you are building a multicloud environment and connecting on-premises data centers with public cloud, there are a lot of things to consider.

A Solution Designed for Your Needs

Need to create consistent policy across on-premises and public cloud instances?

Cisco Cloud ACI

  • Translates ACI policies into cloud-native constructs through public cloud APIs to create a single, consistent policy abstraction across multiple on-premises and public cloud instances in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform;
  • Supports policy-driven connectivity and simplifies routing between on-premises data centers and public clouds. Ensures consistency of network security policies, ultimately helping with compliance demands; and
  • Includes features like cloud provisioning, discovery of instances and services, application segmentation, Layer 4 to Layer 7 service stitching, fault management, visibility and monitoring, statistics, role-based access control (RBAC), and authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA).

 Looking to extend on-premises Cisco ACI networks into remote bare-metal clouds?

 Cisco Virtual ACI

  • Allows engineers to extend their on-premises ACI networks into remote locations, bare-metal clouds, colocation providers, and brownfield environments;
  • Reduces network provisioning for a dramatic increase in agility; and
  • Is available as a software-only version of Cisco ACI, without the need for additional hardware.

Ready to push policy to multiple data centers across the globe?

Cisco ACI Multi-Site Orchestrator (MSO)

  • Expands functions to the cloud sites and automates the creation of overlay connectivity between all sites (on premises and in the public cloud);
  • Continues to be the central orchestrator of intersite policies, not only publishing policies to on-premises ACI data-center sites but also pushing the same policies to multiple public cloud sites; and
  • Supports 12 sites and 1,200 leafs through advanced scale and encryption capabilities, allowing you to push policy to multiple data centers and public clouds across the globe in one step.

Need extended connectivity in remote locations?

 Cisco ACI Remote Leaf

  • Addresses the need to extend connectivity and consistent policies to remote locations where it is not possible or desirable to deploy a full Cisco ACI Pod;
  • Extends the ACI policy model outside the main data center to remote sites such as satellites, colocations, and distributed data centers; and
  • Provides unique value with centralized policy management, a control plane for remote locations, and small-form-factor solutions.

Looking to push your Cisco ACI capabilities even further?

 Cisco ACI integrations

  • Cisco AppDynamics: Correlate application health and network constructs for optimal application performance, deeper monitoring, and faster root-cause analysis.
  • Cisco SD-WAN: Orchestrate across the data center, campus and branch, and public cloud to reduce operational complexity and increase end-to-end security.
  • Cisco DNA Center/Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE): Understand and map user identities consistently to endpoints and applications throughout the entire network—from the campus to the data center.

With ACI Anywhere, Cisco enables automation, security, and intent-based networking to optimize data center operations, protect digital businesses, and accelerate our customers’ expansion into the multicloud.

Ready to Dive Deeper into Cisco ACI?

We have several resources available to help you learn more about what Cisco ACI can do for you. View a demo, or read the datasheet. You can even learn how customer Ameritas built a secure, scalable, and operationally simple data center network with Cisco ACI by watching the video.

Cisco ACI is the industry’s most secure, open, and comprehensive SDN solution. It radically simplifies, automates, and provides secure infrastructure deployment and governance while expediting the application deployment lifecycle. We’re here to answer any questions you and your team may have before you take the next step. We’re confident it’ll be the best decision your company has ever made.


4. Multicloud Is the New Normal, an IDC InfoBrief, sponsored by Cisco, March 2018.


Adam Ozkan

Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure