Tailored Data Center Integration for SAP HANA enables the use
 of enterprise storage and networking components that already exist in your data center rather than requiring customers to purchase additional storage and networking to be used only for the SAP HANA environment.

Cisco and its partners deliver a TDI deployment model using a common architectural approach, built on standard building blocks with the Cisco Unified Computing SystemTM (Cisco UCS®) as the base. This approach gives application datacenter managers flexibility of choice in the way that they implement SAP HANA. Cisco supports the SAP HANA TDI deployment with shared storage and shared networking today.

SAP HANA TDI provides the first evolutionary step away from the constraints of a very controlled standalone appliance model toward a model in which application datacenters can be configured using existing SAP certified enterprise storage and enterprise networking.  When you use the SAP HANA TDI model, existing network and storage can be used only if sufficient resources are available and if all components used are SAP certified. Here, “sufficient resources” means that sufficient storage capacity and I/O bandwidth are available on both the storage system and the storage network to meet the SAP HANA application needs in your environment.

What does this mean for you?  You will gain the following benefits.  You can:

  • Use your existing storage and network investment in people, process, and equipment
  • Get the best use of your investment in current datacenter switching architecture
  • Create a more flexible deployment in which server, network, and storage resources can be moved between different SAP HANA and SAP business solutions applications, and even non-SAP applications 
mitigate risk and optimize operations and resources by using existing data center management processes for SAP HANA implementations
  • Gain flexibility in hardware vendor selection and SAP HANA configuration

You can learn more about this revolutionary implementation model for SAP HANA in our upcoming webinars.


1. SAP Insider webinar on TDI on April 22nd.  Register for this webinar and find out what it means for customers that are installing or considering SAP HANA today.SAP Insider Webinar Picture for Blog

2. ASUG webinar on TDI on April 23rd. Register for this webinar to find out how to reduce your total cost of ownership and gain business advantages by using this simple method of installation.

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3. For a technical deep dive, watch the replay and view the presentation slides from our March 18th SAP Educational Webinar: Deploying HANA via TDI.

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4. If you cannot make the webinars but are attending SAP Sapphire in Orlando May5-7, you can also drop by the Cisco booth #330 and talk with Cisco specialists about this solution and the many other solutions that Cisco has for SAP applications.

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