Anyone who has played sports at school or in their community understands how important the entire team is to playing a great game.

With data center technology, it’s very similar: Companies come together to develop solutions that are greater than any single product or technology.  Customers appreciate these efforts because they know firsthand how difficult it can be to integrate technologies on their own.

Everyone benefits.

Today, Cisco announced the next stage in our Tetration Analytics platform.

From the very beginning, we started communicating and collaborating with a diverse ecosystem of industry leaders to solve customer challenges holisitcally.   Together, we are designing robust solutions to help solve some of the toughest customer problems and unlock new use cases.

Some of the use cases we’re tackling together include:

  1. Policy enforcement: Integrating with our partners’ capabilities to enforce policies into more areas of the network – for example, to ADCs and Firewalls. Such enforcement can now be based on network analytics from Tetration and deeper application level insights from our partners.
  1. Security orchestration: Collaborating with partners’ who have security orchestration capabilities to push security rules down the a variety of firewall devices, both on-prem and in the cloud.
  1. Real-time compliance: Security compliance platforms from our partners can now provide automated, continuous compliance assurance by tapping into the comprehensive corpus of flow information hosted on the Tetration Analytics platform.
  1. Service Visibility: With integrations with service management and operations partners, we can correlate network telemetry with higher-level service definitions. This will allow us to develop accurate service topologies/application dependencies, and automatically create service impact events/tickets based on network level insights.
  1. Service Assurance: Deep insights on application and network throughput, latency enables us to deliver analytics driven automated service assurance – to quickly recover from service degradation/outages or, better still, avoid service interruption by automating proactive VM/workload movement, right-sizing, placement, etc.

Our ecosystem will continue to focus on deeper integration to unlock more use cases, with the ultimate goal to make our joint customers as successful as possible. Here’s a sample of what our ecosystem members are excited about:


“We find natural synergies between AlgoSec and Cisco Tetration Analytics platform and are excited to extend our partnership to help joint customers manage application security at the speed of business,” said Anner Kushnir, VP Technology, at AlgoSec. “AlgoSec’s Security Policy Management Solution with Cisco Tetration Analytics will deliver unprecedented end-to-end visibility and automated enforcement of security policies across a highly distributed and hybrid environment in a compliant and a risk-free manner.”

Citrix Systems

“Cisco and Citrix are collaborating to deliver a new solution based on Cisco Tetration Analytics and Citrix NetScaler Management and Analytics Systems (MAS), designed to provide end-to-end data center visibility, analytics and security,” said Ash Chowdappa, Vice President/General Manager, NetScaler ADC, Citrix Systems. “We look forward to helping our customers continue to succeed through further differentiated innovations, specifically around integration with Tetration, Hybrid Cloud with Cisco CloudCenter, Private Cloud with Cisco ACI and Microsoft AzurePack, and micro-services deployments.”

Dell EMC  

“Dell EMC will engineer Vblock Systems to support the Cisco Tetration Analytics platform to enable our customers to gain additional value from their converged infrastructure,” said Trey Layton, SVP and Chief Technical Officer, Converged Platforms Division of Dell EMC. “Vblock integration with Tetration Analytics will enable our customers to benefit enormously from the automatic white-list policy enforcement and continuous compliance assurance”.


“Cisco and F5 have worked together closely to help customers achieve application deployment agility, with F5 and Cisco Nexus/ACI,” said Calvin Rowland, SVP Business Development & Public Cloud at F5. “I’m excited that we’re now extending our successful collaboration to this emerging analytics-driven security space by taking advantage of the L4-7 analytics in F5 BIG-IP along with the security policy enforcement capabilities of Cisco Tetration Analytics. Together we will deliver comprehensive full-stack network analytics, application delivery and security solutions to micro-segment and secure east-west communications in the Data Center.”

Tufin Technologies

“As the first Network Security Policy Management (NSPM) provider to work with the Cisco Tetration analytics platform, Tufin truly recognizes the opportunity and the market need for this integration,” said Pamela Cyr, SVP Business Development, Tufin Technologies. “With Tetration policy enforcement capabilities, Tufin can automatically enforce application connectivity and security polices in real-time, across a multi-vendor infrastructure. Using Tufin’s Unified security policy model with Tetration, customers can achieve continuous compliance, adherence to security standards and policy consistency across their data centers, enabling zero-trust operations.”

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Ranga Rao

Director of Technical Marketing