Every organization needs more from their data centers, such as faster services and data analysis for real-time decision making.  The unprecedented expansion of data is a major driver of rapid data center transformation.  Consider these statistics:

  • 90% of all data in the world was created in the last three years
  • Data centers handled 214 exabytes of data per month in 2012 and that is expected to grow to 644 exabytes per month by 2017

Just trying to image 214 exabytes of data is like trying to imagine how much money a trillion is.  Bottom line:  it is a lot of data!

Given that upward of 70% of what data centers do today is still about processing data, and IT budgets are at best flat, organizations have to become more efficient.  They need newer, better ways to process data and deliver data center services, increase application performance and increase operational efficiency.

Cisco understands this problem.  The combination of Cisco UCS Director and UCS Invicta allows your organization to deliver services faster, increase application performance and deliver those operational efficiencies everyone is seeking.   We created a nice video illustration to explain:


What if your business was able to make business decisions faster?  More and more, workload performance determines the speed of your business —so application performance affects the efficiency of your business.

Cisco UCS Invicta utilizes solid state systems within the compute infrastructure so that your organization can operate more at the speed of flash technology, which delivers dramatically faster IO into the computing domain and that accelerates application workloads.  With Cisco UCS Invicta, your business can transact, process, and analyze more data faster and that spells sustained business advantage. 

What is more, service delivery and infrastructure management are enhanced with the addition of Cisco UCS Director.  This solution not only provides centralized management for Cisco UCS Invicta, but other Cisco solutions such as UCS and Nexus fabric, integrated infrastructures such as FlexPod and Vblock as well as a multitude of 3rd party hardware and software solutions.

With unified management, your organization can further increase productivity through the reduction of manual provisioning and de-provisioning of data center resources.   From a single view, Cisco UCS Director allows IT to manage both physical and virtual infrastructure components across multiple data centers.  If you are wondering why physical resource management is important, read this blog.

Control your data, don’t be controlled by it.   Move it quickly, handle it quickly and manage your whole data center environment with less effort.  It really is possible by using Cisco UCS Director along with Cisco UCS Invicta to deliver services faster and increase workload performance all while increasing IT operational efficiency.   As a result, your business will be hanging ten as it rides the wave of data growth.

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Joann Starke

No Longer with Cisco