This is the third blog in a series on the management and orchestration ACI ecosystem partners that use the open northbound interface of the APIC. It is easier to see how partners that deliver application management enable businesses to become digital enterprises since a major element of digital strategies is delivered by the business applications.

On March 1, Cisco announced the intent to acquire CliQr Technologies to manage the entire application lifecycle across hybrid IT environments. And last year at Cisco Live US, they announced their integration with Cisco ACI so that model driven application management and policy driven Application Centric Infrastructure can be combined to deliver the full power of software defined networking (Figure 1).  The model driven approach is incredibly efficient. After you create one blueprint of the application to model deployment and the run-time requirements, it just takes “one-click” to deploy an application end to end automating the configuration of infrastructure, application components, and network security.


Figure 1

Furthermore, the integration with Cisco UCS through UCS Director, brings software defined compute, network, and storage together under a common model and policy driven framework that provide a single management interface to give customers complete visibility across applications, cloud environments, and users (Figure 2).


Figure 2

Please take one minute to hear David Cope, EVP Corporate Development and CliQr’s CMO, explain the power of CliQr’s CloudCenter and the important synergy with ACI.

Achieve New Efficiency Levels with CliQr and ACI


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