Pacific Electric Wire & Cable Co. (PEWC) is a manufacturer in Taiwan with subsidiaries in China, Singapore, Thailand, and Australia. Like many companies, they had been facing the looming change over to SAP HANA. They were ready to switch over from their older SAP software and take advantage of SAP HANA apps and databases. They also had a goal of speeding up operational analytics and insights. But with the change to HANA, they needed all new infrastructure, certified by SAP, to support it.

In Came HyperFlex

PEWC was looking for HANA certified infrastructure that could simplify data center management and ensure performance, bringing together their international subsidiaries and integrating with public cloud resources. After receiving bids from 3-tier architecture vendors, they decided to go with a truly modern route with hyperconverged infrastructure and chose to deploy SAP HANA on HyperFlex.

“With a traditional architecture, there are more components to integrate and manage,” said Lilin Wang, IT manager at PEWC. “We were very impressed with Cisco HyperFlex, which is easier to manage, easier to scale, and has better alignment with the cloud.”

HyperFlex is now supporting PEWC’s SAP HANA databases and all of its applications.

Results Show Time and Money Savings

With HyperFlex’s density and combination of computing, networking, and storage into one solution, PEWC has reduced electricity consumption and costs (30% reduction of electric consumption). Maintenance costs have also gone down from 25% of the IT budget to just 15%. The entire environment is managed with Cisco’s cloud-based, SaaS tool Cisco Intersight, which is allowing PEWC to configure and update distributed infrastructure systems from one central tool.

But it’s not just the backend management that has improved. SAP apps are performing much better. For example, SAP reports that used to take five hours to process now take an hour.

PEWC plans to modernize further with IOT and digital manufacturing technology and will continue to use HyperFlex to support these applications as well.

“We are very happy to have a strong platform for SAP S/4HANA,” says Wang, “and we are even happier to have a flexible, scalable infrastructure that can take our company into the future.”

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Stephen Selgrade

Marketing Manager

Enterprise Solutions - Data Center Marketing