Adam Ozkan, expert in SDN and Cloud solutions wrote that “organizations embracing dynamic, cloud-based operating models position themselves better for cost optimization and increased competitiveness….However, embracing the cloud presents challenges especially for IT operations teams struggling to deliver and maintain the business services needed to help ensure end-users remain productive and ensure the uptime of critical business services.” (5 Ways Cisco ACI® Integration with ServiceNow® will Elevate Your IT Operations Management)

Everyone is talking about cloud and preparing for the shift, and to make sure you are fully covered, we have created the Cisco ACI Inventory Management Application which integrates an ITSM/ITOM platform with Data Center/Cloud infrastructure fabric.

Benefits include:

1) Accurate dynamic service mapping

2) Real time infrastructure visibility

3) Cost savings through automation

4) Operational efficiency

5) Realistic and guaranteed SLAs

Download the app for FREE, and watch the demo videos below to guide you through the process.

Introduction: ServiceNow and Cisco ACI Inventory Management Application (2:38)

How to create a unified operation model for next generation ITSM, and meet the increasing demands of providing quick and flexible business services. Download the add for FREE: http://cs.co/nr0403a.



Cisco ACI and ServiceNow

Demo: ServiceNow and Cisco ACI Inventory Management Application Download and Installation (FREE) (2:44)





Cisco ACI and Servicenow

Demo: Cisco ACI Inventory Management Application Configuration (3:04)





Cisco ACI and ServicenowDemo: Component Configuration with ServiceNow and Cisco ACI Inventory Management (2:02)





Cisco ACI and ServicenowDemo: Cisco ACI Inventory Management Custom Activity Packs (3:52)





Need more demos? Please feel free to comment, and I will make that happen for you =)


Want to check it out live and get consulting from a pro?

Well, if you happen to attend the knowledge18 event this year, you can see how we make ITSM/ITOM frictionless at Cisco booth E55.



For more information go to www.cisco.com/go/aci


Emmeline Wong

Product Marketing Specialist

Data Center Marketing