Digital transformation is a multi-trillion dollar global initiative that is placing enormous pressure on IT to move faster and manage the increasing diversity in the types of users, apps, and locations needed just to support their businesses’ bottom line. As a result, developers will create thousands of new enterprises apps that demand the utmost in scale and security without sacrificing performance.

Cisco’s unmatched portfolio of networking solutions as well as integrated, converged, and hyperconverged platforms is a key element of success in the Digital era. The completeness of this portfolio with its foundation built on the Nexus family enables sustained differentiation against point product networking providers and proprietary, single-vendor public clouds.

Today Cisco is bolstering this data center networking portfolio by introducing new innovations on Nexus 7000 and Nexus 7700 Series Switches. The new Nexus 7000 M3 Series 1/10G and 40G modules, and the Nexus 7700 M3 Series 100G modules along with the already shipping Nexus 7700 M3 Series 1/10G and 40G modules enhance scale, security and enable Seamless Datacenter Interconnect (DCI) Options while preserving the investment.DCI Webinar

The new modules are also compatible with previous generation Supervisors, Fabric and I/O modules, which allows customers to incrementally and systematically enhance the feature set of their Nexus 7000 and 7700 Series switches. Through these advancements, the Nexus 7000 family addresses the requirements of various designs, cabling, and environmental requirements and is ideal for DCI, DC core and Campus core deployment scenarios.  ( Please check release notes for specific modules that are compatible )

Nexus 7000 M3 48-Port 1/10G CardNexus 7000 M3 24-Port 40G CardNexus 7700 M3 12-Port 100G Card

Highlighted features of the new Nexus 7000 modules include:

  • Large Tables (routing, MAC, and ACL) and Deeper Buffers enable you to deploy the Nexus 7000 with M3 Series modules in more places in the network – DC Interconnect, DC Core, and Campus Core.
  • Next generation ASIC with advanced parser capabilities provides efficient interworking between various encapsulation technologies – VXLAN, OTV, VLAN, etc.
  • 256 Bit hardware based Encryption (MACsec) – provides Line rate encryption for securely interconnecting DC.

Foundational elements of the Cisco ASAP Data Center architecture, the Nexus 7000 make it possible for our customers to convert their IT infrastructures into engines of both digital and IT transformation.

To learn more about the Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switches, a major component of Cisco ASAP Data Center story, please register here to attend the upcoming webinar:

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Tony Antony